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New associate pastor joins Dassel Church of Christ
Jan. 4, 2010

Dave Herring of North Carolina writes, produces and plays his own music

By Lynda Jensen

DASSEL, MN – A new associate pastor with a diverse background has recently joined the Church of Christ in Dassel.

Dave Herring, 26, accepted the call to the church, and has moved to Dassel.

He brings a diverse range of experiences with him, with a broad musical palette to draw from, since he writes, produces and plays his own original musical pieces. He offers CDs of his work on a web site, daveherring.net.

His passion for music has deep roots.

“My great-grandfather in Rome, Italy, was a lover of music, and a master woodworker. He crafted his own mandolin which he would sit around and play to my grandmother,” Herring noted.

Today, that mandolin sits on his shelf as a constant reminder of where the music that flows within him comes from. “I constantly work to develop my craft as a musician and a songwriter. My writing comes from the many intersections in my life. On the road I travel, intersections are daily. I don’t always choose to go the right way, but when I turn left four times, I’m back on the right path,” he added.

Since moving to Dassel, Herring has found that his life is changing again – but this time, a climate and culture change from his customary North Carolina.

“I really love Dassel,” Herring said, adding that he feels “completely comfortable” moving here. “I’ve met many wonderful and friendly people, and they have affirmed my initial feelings that Dassel would be a great place to call home.”

He appreciates the “Minnesota Nice,” since he noted that Southern people can be outspoken at times. “In the South, we’re just rude to your face! Seriously, though, I love the culture up here,” he said.

Dassel is quite different than his roots in the coastal region of North Carolina. “I grew up with the beach in my backyard,” he said. “Wilmington is a large city, with warm weather, and warm water all year long. Here in Minnesota, there is nothing warm about a frozen lake! The weather is pretty intense, but I’m not missing my shorts and flip-flops too much yet.”

In fact, Herring notes that when he was younger, he wore flip flops constantly – saying that he didn’t really own a proper pair of shoes until his family moved with the military to Germany in 1999. There, in 2001, he graduated from high school.

For experiences, Herring has spent a fair amount of time in Haiti, doing work with Lifeline Christian Mission for which he traveled to Grand Goave, Haiti.

The mission there has a few different purposes (medical, nutrition, school, and building). When he was there, he would play roles in anything they needed him in.

“I have built homes, worked in the clinic, taught guitar, worked with the Christian education, and my personal favorite: playing with the kids. I plan on continuing my support for Lifeline,” Herring said.

He also sponsors a child and his family through Lifeline. “I have a song about his life, as well as a song about my first Haitian experience, on my web site. The songs are titled “Little Boy in the Caribbean” and “Welcome to Haiti.” Both can be downloaded from the store on his web site.

Herring has spent nearly eight consecutive years leading worship for churches, camps, conferences and the like. In addition, he has done worship concerts on a tour of military bases in Germany and Belgium.

His hobbies are writing and producing music, traveling, reading about historical events and people, as well as “anything outdoors.”

Herring has been busy at the church so far, setting up a new web site, dasselchurchofchrist.com.


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