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Delano City Council makes annual appointments to various commissions
January 11, 2010

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – Delano City Council announced its appointments to the city’s various commissions at Tuesday’s regular council meeting.

A more-than-five-hour special meeting took place Dec. 22 to interview the applicants for the various positions and make the appointments. A review of general code requirements took place before the council interviewed the interested candidates.

At the special meeting, Council Member Brad Hotchkiss questioned the term limitations, noting the differences of a city council term and a committee member term, according to the minutes from the special meeting.

Hotchkiss stated that if commissions have a term limit, the council terms should be limited, as well.

Council Member Betsy Stolfa said the public votes for the city council, then trusts the council to appoint the commission members.

Before the interviews, the council also discussed non-resident participation in the various commissions.

City Administrator Phil Kern said that in the past, nonresidents have not been allowed to participate, and were not included in the interview process.

Hotchkiss said that township residents are always welcome to come to council and commission meetings and provide their input.

The council decided to not take any action regarding the changing of any code requirements regarding the commissions. Mayor Joe McDonald was absent from the special meeting.

Water, light, and power commission

The Delano Municipal Utilities is a non-profit electric and water utility owned by the City of Delano and operated by the Delano Water, Light and Power Commission.

The water, light, and power commission meets the third Monday of each month at Delano City Hall.

Joseph Johnson was appointed to the water, light, and power commission to a term expiring Dec. 31, 2010. He fills a term left vacant when commission member Sam Nelson passed away Oct. 4.

Randy Keranen was re-appointed to the commission, with his term expiring Dec. 31, 2012.

Others who expressed interest in serving on the water, light, and power commission included Allan Rasmussen, Harlan Lewis, Derek Schansberg, Michael Mathisen, Paul R. Schmidt, Donald Krueger, and Scott Bohler.

Other commission members include Larry Bartels (term expires 2010), Jonathon Ness (term expires 2011), and Bob Hutter (term expires 2011).

Planning commission

Delano’s Planning Commission is comprised of seven members who meet the second Monday of each month.

The commission prepares and maintains the city’s comprehensive plan and is also responsible for making recommendations to the city council involving any plat approvals, zoning amendments, re-zonings, variances, appeals, special use permits, and other matters.

Howard Glas was reappointed to the commission, and Amy Stewart was appointed to the commission, taking over a seat previously held by Steve Williams. Williams had served on the commission for 10 years, and did not reapply for the seat.

Others who expressed interest in serving on the planning commission included Dale Vander Linden, Paul R. Schmidt, Joseph Johnson, Heather Motzko, Thomas Schaffer, Scott Bohler, and Allen Motzko. Schaffer was disqualified because he is not a resident of the city. Paul Stansberry, a former planning commission chairman, also applied, but was not able to make the interview.

Other members of the planning commission are Leon Zeug (term expires 2011), Lars Impola (term expires 2011), Jon Krieg (term expires 2010), John Beussman (term expires 2011), and Dave Kenison (term expires 2010).

Park and recreation commission

The park and recreation commission advises the Delano City Council on both long-and short-term park management and construction for the city. Members meet the last Wednesday of each month.

The council appointed Dan Menk to a vacant position on the board, and also reappointed Mike Lindquist and Heather Motzko.

Council Member Larry Bartels inquired about the re-appointment of Lindquist with term limits in consideration, according to the minutes. Stolfa stated Lindquist’s well-rounded park and recreation background and participation with the community is in the best interest of the city and he should be re-appointed.

Others who expressed interest in serving on the park and recreation commission included Dave Kummer, Evan Grinley, Thomas Schaffer, Scott Bohler, Allen Rasmussen, Paul R. Schmidt, Joseph Johnson, and Brad Bruhn. Kummer and Schaffer were not eligible for the appointment because they do not live within the city limits.

Other members of the park and recreation commission are Joe Schleper (term expires 2010), Mary Ditty (term expires 2010), Jean Kopp (term expires 2011), Chris Hart (term expires 2011).

Public safety commission

The public safety commission meets six times a year on the last Monday of every other month at Delano City Hall.

According to the minutes, in his interview with the city council, Paul R. Schmidt, who had been serving on the commission, voiced his dissatisfaction with the public safety commission.

The council voted to remove Schmidt from the commission, and appoint Shirleen Hoffman, Scott Bohler, and Allen Rasmussen.

Cary Smith, who had been serving, did not reapply, and Don Krueger, who had been serving, was not reappointed.

Others who expressed interest in the public safety commission included Heather Motzko and Schmidt.

Other members of the public safety commission are Harlan Lewis (term expires 2010), James Anderson (term expires 2010), Craig Bodin (term expires 2011), and Russell Lewis (term expires 2011).

Historical preservation commission

Historical preservation commission meetings are every first Wednesday of the month at the historical center.

The council voted to reappoint Marla Frach and Brad Bruhn to the commission.

Others who expressed interest in serving on the historical preservation commission included Lee Bunker, Scott Bohler, Allen Rasmussen, and Paul R. Schmidt.

Other members of the committee include Jason Thompson (term expires 2010), Robert Gruba (term expires 2010), Bob Heltemes (term expires 2010), Debbie DeBeer (term expires 2011), and Jon Steinmetz (term expires 2011).

When this committee was established, the city council said four of the members should be representatives from the historical society, and didn’t specify those four had to be residents of the city, according to city staff.


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