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Snowmobilers to be ticketed if caught on trails by Dassel
Jan. 11, 2010

By Lynda Jensen

DASSEL, MN – Snowmobile tracks have been sighted in Dassel, going in areas where they shouldn’t, Deputy Gordy Prochaska told the Dassel City Council during its meeting last Monday.

Prochaska gave a report to the council, during which he pointed out that snowmobile tracks have been detected going over trails located east of town on top of the bike path, as well as north, where the new trail was installed along County Road 4.

This is against the law, and causes damage to the trails, he said. A fine is $140, and the sheriff’s office has been successful in catching offenders in the past. It’s not very hard to track down a snowmobile that leaves its mark on the snow, he added after the meeting.

In a different portion of his report, Prochaska noted that a coyote had been picked up, which had mange, and was then euthanized.

Christmas tree pickup to be Wed., Jan. 13

The council set the date for Christmas tree pickup in Dassel to be Wednesday, Jan. 13. Residents should have their trees set into a snowbank near the curb for pickup. The work will be done by city staff, along with three council members who volunteered to help – Bob Lalone, Jason Benzing and Mayor Mike Scanlon.

Residents should have their trees set out in the morning, and staff will come by about 1 p.m. to pick them up.

In exchange for this, Scanlon asked residents to donate an item to the food shelf, which is located on Atlantic at the Opsahl Plumbing building. There is also a cart set up at the Dassel municipal liquor store for food shelf donations.

Liquor sales up 7%

The council also heard from Liquor Store Manager Marv Vetsch, who reported December sales figures as being up by 7 percent. “I’m very happy with the results,” he said.

Vetsch cautiously predicted a “little bit of growth” in 2010, hopefully without road construction, economic woes, and high gas prices that have impacted sales in the past, he said. Gas prices, in particular, affect sales. “We do depend on a lot of that traffic for sales,” he said.

Help with hydrants

Dave Scepaniak of public works made a plea for home-owners to remove snow around the fire hydrants located on their properties. It should be clear 3 feet around.

At the moment, the snow is particularly hard due to the changing weather, and this is not a small job, he added.

To aid with this request, the newspaper is offering to print submitted photos of those (particularly young people) who are willing to dig out their hydrants and then submit a photo of themselves next to the finished product. E-mail photos to news@dasselcokato.com, or drop them off at the Cokato newspaper office.

Museum notes

Museum Director Carolyn Holje reported on several items. First, the DAHS museum has chosen an official name, the Dassel History Center and Ergot Museum. This will be the official name of the building and featured on letterhead, the newsletter, and the like.

In addition, five artists will be painting panels of Dassel scenes at the fenced area at the back of the athletic field, she said. This will improve the appearance of the area there a great deal.

Holje mentioned that since the Smithsonian traveling exhibit left Dec. 5, Gerald and Ann Bollman spent time cleaning the floors and so on.

With the help of the Smithsonian, there has been an increase in membership, volunteers, enthusiasm, and interest, she added.

Next, there will be an All School Reunion the Sunday of Labor Day, with about 3,000 invitations being mailed out.

Holje mentioned that the museum may be available for walkers to use on a regular basis Monday through Friday, if there is enough interest.

Another item mentioned by Holje was that the Dassel creamery building is not a DAHS project, although the historical society feels it is a valid project and is willing to facilitate assistance there. Rather, the project is open to an economic development partnership or other entity to take on directly.


Scanlon recognized a number of people, in appreciation for work done during the past year.

He thanked “the whole town of Dassel,” for their efforts in getting the new food shelf up and running. “The shelves are packed,” he said, adding that nearly all of it was a local effort. The outpouring of support was impressive, he said.

Scanlon also expressed appreciation to downtown businesses and residents for patience during the water project, which included the new tower.

Scanlon noted that the new clock tower is also an asset to the community, and recognized Aho Brothers, American Time & Signal, Porta Dock and the Dassel Chamber for their willingness to make this project happen.

Scanlon expressed appreciation for the Saints and their extensive positive influence to the youth in the Dassel community, along with the large-scale volunteerism that takes place on a regular basis by the Saints, who keep the ballfield in such great condition.

Scanlon also thanked the volunteers who make the Dassel History Center and Ergot Building work so well, especially in light of the big projects that were coordinated over the past year.

Odds and ends

In other subjects, the council:

• moved its regular meeting from Monday, Jan. 18 to 7 p.m. Tuesday, Jan. 19 to accommodate Martin Luther King Day.

• approved a contract with Safety First for 2010, in the amount of $2,160, to satisfy government requirements set forth by OSHA.

• is still formulating a budget committee, looking for citizen members.

The committee will tentatively have three residents on it, as well as two city council members. The actual number of people on this committee is yet to be determined, and a mission statement and charter will be set up at future council meetings. Anyone who is interested in joining this committee should call city hall at (320) 275-2454.

• is looking to fill two seats on the planning and zoning committee. Seats that are up for appointment are those of Jack Adams and Brad Nelson. The seats carry two-year terms. Anyone interested should make contact with city hall at (320) 275-2454.

• spent a fair amount of time talking about the snow removal ordinance, and how to enforce it. It was suggested to look over all the sidewalks in town and see what the need was.

• set a budget workshop meeting for 6 p.m., Monday, Feb. 1, before its regular meeting.


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