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Dassel’s new pumper truck arrives
MAY 3, 2010

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

DASSEL, MN – Dassel’s new pumper truck arrived at the fire hall in all its glory Monday night.

The truck is a 2010 Spartan Metro Star custom equipped by Custom Fire of Osceola, WI for $486,000; lower in cost than originally anticipated, according to Myles McGrath, Dassel city administrator.

“We saved a considerable amount on the truck,” McGrath said. He gives credit to the truck committee for shopping around to get the best deals for the truck’s equipment.

The city paid $150,000 down and received a USDA loan for $336,000 for the remainder. McGrath was happy to note the actual loan was $60,000 less than anticipated, due to the cost savings on the truck’s equipment.

This new truck replaces the department’s yellow 1981 General pumper, which was deemed unreliable and is currently listed for sale in the League of MN Cities bulletin.

Some of the equipment installed in the new pumper includes a defibrillator, air packs, a specialty chain saw, and upgrades that have been made to nozzles.

There are two pumpers in the fleet. The second pumper is a 1993 General.

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