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One-of-a-kind fitness center opens in Delano Dec. 1
Nov. 8, 2010

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – Have trouble mustering up the motivation to exercise?

My BodyShop Fitness Center, located at 901 Babcock Boulevard (just off Highway 12) in Delano, just might solve that problem.

“This is going to be such a unique environment,” owner Kristin Nelson said.

Even people who hate working out will have a hard time staying away from the appealing array of classes, state-of-the-art equipment, and welcoming atmosphere.

Kristin and her husband, Dale, have been busy transforming the 4,500-foot-building (which had previously been an antique shop and shipping company) into an ideal workout environment.

It’s scheduled to open Wednesday, Dec. 1, but will continue to be a “work in progress,” according to Dale. A grand opening celebration is planned for the weekend after New Year’s Day.

More than a gym

My BodyShop Fitness Center will be much more than just a traditional gym, according to Dale.

“It’s a fitness hub,” he explained.

“Because we’re a stand-alone gym, we’ll be able to really cater to what our members want,” Kristin said.

As a certified personal trainer, Kristin will offer training sessions, as well as teach people how to use the machines. A massage therapist and other wellness professionals might be on site, and there will be speaking events from time to time, with topics ranging from back problems to nutrition.

Group fitness sessions at the center will also be unique, such as plyometric training, flexibility classes, tai chi, jiu jitsu, and much more.

“Jiu jitsu is an amazing workout,” Dale said. “We really want to open it up and be diverse. You never know if you’ll like it until you try it.”

“There is a lot of endurance training we can do indoors,” Kristin added.

Young teens and pre-teens will have opportunities to workout as a group, too.

“They can start developing good habits,” Kristin said. “It’s harder to change when you’re older, but you can do it.”

Many gyms don’t offer classes for children because of the extra supervision required, but Kristin said she’s excited about the opportunity.

“I really enjoy working with kids,” she said.

Even children who are too young to work out will enjoy the fitness center. While they wait for their parents, children can stay at the nearby play area, which has toys and a large goldfish tank.

Kristin said the fitness center will be accommodating and open to people’s needs in the community. The Crow River Running Club, for example, plans to use the facility in the winter for warming up and cooling down.

When there aren’t any classes going on, members are also welcome to come to the center and pop in an exercise DVD.

“People work better with their friends,” Kristin said.

Those who exercise before work will enjoy the convenience of three bathrooms and a shower, so that they can change clothes and clean up before heading out the door.

Members will have 24/7 key card access, with cameras and security measures in place to ensure safety.

“Now, you never need to miss another workout,” Kristin said.

Some of the events and classes will be open to non-members, as well.

“I want to encourage fitness, movement, and wellness, and don’t want to exclude people if I don’t have to,” Kristin said.

Unique atmosphere

In addition to the intriguing variety of workout opportunities, the building itself provides a fun, fresh exercise atmosphere.

“I call it ‘industrial chic,’” Kristin said. “It’s just really spread out, so no one will feel crowded.”

The spacious structure has high ceilings, huge mirrors, and a lofted area for stretching and core work.

“Many women don’t feel comfortable stretching in front of everybody,” Kristin said. The cozy, lofted area provides just the right amount of privacy, without being totally isolated from the rest of the gym.

My BodyShop Fitness Center has plenty of treadmills, elliptical machines, free weights, and other tools to help people build strength, burn calories, and achieve overall physical fitness.

“We have some really high-end Woodway treadmills,” Kristin said. “They’re quiet, and they’re very gentle on your joints; they’re much easier on your knees and ankles.”

Online convenience

Another positive feature of My BodyShop Fitness Center is its connection to technology. Members will have personal web pages, which will make it easy for them to track their progress, add money to their accounts, stay updated on fitness class schedules, and register for classes and training sessions.

Kristin is also planning to create video workouts, so that members can exercise at home when they can’t make it to the gym.

People who are interested in signing up for membership, taking a tour of the gym, or purchasing a gift card can call the gym at (763) 972-9974 or contact Kristin at (763) 242-7155.

To learn more about Kristin, go to www.mindbodyandsoulwellness.com.

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