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Fears turn to hope for parents of adopted son from Haiti
Jan. 25, 2010

Adopted son is alive and well, following devastating earthquake

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

LITCHFIELD, COKATO, MN – Katy and Jordan Snider of Litchfield were within weeks of bringing their adopted son home from Haiti when the devastating earthquake struck Jan. 12.

The couple was overcome with shock, fear, and panic not knowing how their 2-year-old son Fauberson was doing following the quake.

“It was just kind of a panic because we were so far away from him with nothing to do,” Katy said, who is a special education teacher at Cokato Elementary.

Within the first 24 hours, the couple had to rely on technology. They even joined the world of Twitter that night, Katy said.

The orphanage where Fauberson is staying is located in Delmas, a suburb of Port au Prince, Haiti’s capitol.

Since the phones lines were down, the couple started following people who were tweeting as a way to stay connected with what was happening in the area.

The day following the earthquake, the Sniders received a phone call from their adoption specialist with Hand in Hand International Adoption Agency in St. Pual.

Fauberson is staying at the Rainbow of Love Nursery and although a wall had come down in the quake, their son was OK, Katy said.

Recent updates share that Fauberson and the orphanage residents have food and water, but they are sleeping in the open for fear of further damage caused by aftershocks.

The couple began the international adoption process four years ago after Katy suffered a miscarriage.

By choosing international adoption, the couple knew the process would take awhile and one of the parents had to be at least 35 years of age at the time of adoption. Each country sets its own requirements, Katy explained.

During the process of adoption, the couple had a son through pregnancy. Jonas is now 2 years old and is also anxiously awaiting his new brother.

The Sniders were matched with Fauberson in 2008, and the adoption was finalized in July.

The couple was just waiting for Fauberson’s immigration paperwork to be completed before they flew to Haiti to pick up their adopted son.

“We’re getting close,” Katy said.

The Sniders were told that Fauberson, along with other legally adopted children, have been granted “humanitarian parole,” meaning the immigration paperwork can be finalized after the children are safe in their adoptive homes.

“The wheels are turning,” Katy said, adding that the State Department is beginning to move children out of Haiti.

“This is the first time we are feeling hopeful through all of this,” she said, adding she is confident the government is working on it.

Katy and her husband have learned they have to be very flexible and patient through the international adoption process, especially now, in the earthquake’s aftermath.

As personal choice, the Sniders have not met Fauberson yet, but he has pictures of his new family.

The couple decided it would be too hard for them to leave Fauberson in Haiti had they visited him before the paperwork was complete.

The Snider family is very appreciative of the support they have recieved through this time.

“Thank you, especially to the staff at Cokato Elementary, who have been so supportive and understanding,” Katy said.

The family also asks that people continue to pray for the children, people, and families of Haiti.

“Even after this, Haiti will need a lot of help,” Katy said.

The couple chose to adopt a baby from Haiti because Jordan had lived there for two years in the early ‘90s while his father worked in the foreign services. There, Jordan witnessed first-hand the dire needs of the Haitian people.

Keep posted

To stay connected with the Snider family and get updates on the orphans in Haiti, visit their blog at ayitimn.blogspot.com.

Donations for Haiti orphanages

To help provide supplies and relief to Haiti’s orphanages, visit www.hihiadopt.org or send a check (payable to Hand In Hand and with “Haiti Relief Fund” written in the memo line) to: MaryLee Lane, Executive Director, Hand In Hand, 9520 SW 9 Terrace, Ocala, FL, 34476. Hand In Hand is a 501c3 organization, and your donation will be tax-deductible.


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