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Keeping it clean
OCT. 25, 2010

After 12 years, John Hasti, Cokato, returns to the cleaning business with John’s Cleaning Plus

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

COKATO, MN – John Hasti of Cokato is getting back into professional cleaning with his new business John’s Cleaning Plus.

Hasti has 17 years of experience in professional cleaning, having owned and operated a similar business in the Cokato area until 1998.

For 10 years following the sale of his first cleaning service, Hasti and his wife, Mary were Realtors, until the housing market took a “terrible slump.”

Being Hasti is the type of person who needs to keep busy, he decided to go back to what he knows best.

“[Carpet cleaning] is the best way I can think of to generate extra income during these troubled times,” Hasti said. He also works for Keaveny Long-Term Care, also known as the closed-door pharmacy, in Cokato.

Hasti’s philosophy is to provide quality service at a fair price with no gimmicks.

All of the cleaning equipment Hasti uses is contained in his truck, Hasti said, meaning he doesn’t need to use customers’ water or electricity to get the job done.

Inside the truck is a 110-gallon water tank. Water is pumped from the tank and into a machine, where it’s heated and mixed with chemicals, Hasti explained.

The mixture then goes through a long tube and is injected into the carpet for cleaning. Then, the dirty water is extracted back out into a tank in the truck and taken away.

With John’s Carpet Cleaning Plus, Hasti’s primary focus will be cleaning carpets and upholstery, but as the name implies, he may be able to provide other cleaning services on a case-by-case basis, he said.

To contact Hasti or to make an appointment, call (612) 382-5517.

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