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Catching up with Phyllis Hummel in Lester Prairie
March 22, 2010

By Ivan Raconteur
Staff Writer

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – Lester Prairie resident Phyllis Hummel has been keeping busy in the year since she released her first CD, and she is planning a party to celebrate the release her second CD this month.

Hummel’s new CD is called, “The Music I Love,” featuring the Swinging Country Band with Phyllis Hummel.

The CD release party will take place at 8 p.m. Saturday, March 27 at Biscay Liquors in Biscay.

Hummel will have a special guest (not yet announced) for the event.

The new CD will be available for purchase. The cost is $15.

After the party, the CD will be available at the following locations:

• Prairie Market in Lester Prairie.

• Keaveny Drug in Winsted.

• Gert & Erma’s in Glencoe.

• Dostal Electronics in Hutchinson.

The CD is also available by mailing a check for $16 (the extra dollar is for shipping) to Phyllis Hummel, PO Box 494, Lester Prairie, MN 55354.

“It is quite exciting,” Hummel said. She recorded the CD last November.

It started with 12 songs, but grew to a total of 20 by the time it was finished.

“I kept finding songs I loved,” Hummel explained.

The CD includes two songs that she got from her friend and veteran performer, Sherwin Linton (You’ll Be Kissing Me,” and “Wayward Women”).

It also includes a song that Hummel wrote herself called “When a Child is Hurting,” about the experience of a child whose parents are going through a divorce.

Hummel wrote the song and lyrics, and Roy Holdren wrote the melody.

Hummel’s first CD, “Singing Country,” released in 2009, represented a dream come true.

Music has always been part of her life, and she dedicated one of the songs on that CD to her parents, who introduced her to music.

Since that first CD came out, she has performed an average of five or six times per month in venues around the area and as far away as South Dakota.

Looking ahead, she already has 40 gigs booked between now and September.

“It’s fun – I love it,” Hummel said.

She said performing the music she loves also makes other people happy.

“They love to hear these songs that they haven’t heard for years,” Hummel explained.

She said since the release of her first CD, she has opened for Sherwin Linton at the South Dakota State Fair, been a guest singer at the South Dakota Country Music Hall of Fame, performed her Kitty Wells tribute at the Bill and Mary Lou True Festival, and played many small venues around the area.

She said her current band was formed when four other bands broke up.

“I got the best of them,” Hummel said. “They are a wonderful band.”

The band includes Kermit Clarin, Rick Johnson, Dale Henry, and Bill Jordan.

She has jammed with some of these musicians on and off for five years, and is happy to be working with them on a regular basis.

“I’m having the time of my life,” Hummel said.

The new CD is dedicated to Hummel’s mother, Leona Schrempp, who died July 22, 2000. The first song on the CD, “The Church in the Wildwood,” was her mother’s favorite gospel song.


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