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Dassel man offers product line just for boys
OCT. 11, 2010

Products meant to create endless adventures beyond video games

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DASSEL, MN – As a father of five boys, Jay Asplin, Dassel, has been looking for ways to connect with his sons, who range from toddler to teenager, and out of his search, JM Cremp’s was born.

In May, Asplin, a 1993 Dassel-Cokato High School graduate, moved back to the area with his wife and family after spending a year in Colorado.

That’s when the preparation and planning began for last week’s launch of JM Cremp’s, a product line creating adventures for boys, complete with a catolog and website.

What or who is JM Cremp?

In today’s modern world of technology and video games, it was Asplin’s hope to get boys’ interests back into the great outdoors and starting to use their imaginations once again.

“It’s the art of balancing a modern world with a Norman Rockwellian past,” Asplin said, explaining that traditional boyhood experiences have somewhat fallen by the wayside in recent generations.

JM Cremp’s products and apparel are geared toward outdoor adventures of hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, and exploration. JM Cremp’s encourages education and understanding the nature of boys, according to Asplin.

Through JM Cremp’s, Asplin’s goal is to help provide resources for parents and create opportunities for fathers to connect with their sons “and understand boys and how God has uniquely designed [them].”

With products that can be purchased online or through its catalog, JM Cremp’s is “broken down into different adventures with fun products that every boy would enjoy,” Asplin said.

The name, JM Cremp’s, comes from the first letter of everyone’s name in Jay’s family including himself, his wife Maria, and their five sons, Collin, Ryan, Erik, Michael, and Peter.

JM Cremp has also become a character and narrator throughout the catalog, Asplin explained.

He isn’t any one particular person “but a little bit of everybody,” Asplin said.

“JM Cremp is the world traveler who has been everywhere and done it all. He’s not perfect, but he’s learned from his mistakes and is a Christian man,” Asplin said.

“His heart and desire is to see boys grow up to be Godly men,” Asplin said, noting that the catalog has a Christian undertone.

Along with the outdoor gear and camouflage, the catalog offers educational opportunities from telescopes and star finders to bird identification books and bird house kits.

Asplin also pointed out that there is a kit to make wooden fishing lures.

“If you’re interested in fishing, how great would it be to make your own lures?” Asplin stated.

Coin collecting is also an option, which can be used not only as an activity, but as a money management teaching tool, Asplin explained.

The catalog also offers an array of fictional books for boys, as well as books for parents raising boys.

The retail business is strictly on line sales and catalog orders over the phone, with the warehouse located in the former Heartland Hybrids building at 850 First Street North, Dassel.

Asplin actually owned Heartland Hybrids, a direct marketing seed company, before selling to Fielder’s Choice. Those employees now work from home and the building is used for JM Cremp’s product shipments, he explained.

Currently, JM Cremp’s has five employees on a part-time basis, at least until the store becomes more established, Asplin said.

“We’re excited, but we’re nervous,” Asplin said, noting the varying emotions that come with starting something new.

To request the JM Cremp’s 2010-11 Adventure Catalog or view the products online, visit www.jmcremps.com, or call (877) 469-0673. Shipping is free for pick-up orders called in. JM Cremp’s can also be found on Facebook.

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