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Fall ballot reflects ‘normal’ year for city councils, boards
May 17, 2010

By Lynda Jensen

WRIGHT, CARVER, McLEOD COUNTIES, MN – All things considered, the fall ballot should show a fairly average year when it comes to local seats for school boards and city councils, with an assortment of them to be listed on the November ballot.

Among those seats are mayorships, which will be up for grabs, come fall.

Otherwise, the election for local seats is a “normal” year, with no unusual twists or turns, observed Marilyn Greeley, Howard Lake-Waverly-Winsted School District secretary.

Unlike positions that are on the ballot for the state or county, local races for council and school board feature a later filing date, in August.

Mayor seats are two-year terms. School board seats and city council seats are all four-year terms this year.

Filing for both city councils and school boards is set for Tuesday, Aug. 3 through Tuesday, Aug. 17.

Filing takes place at the respective city or school district office. There is a small fee.

Howard Lake-Waverly Winsted School District

Three seats are up on the HLWW board this year, those of board members Jamie Wiech, Al Doering, and chair Dan Schaible.

The three positions feature four-year terms, which is normal for school boards, but HLWW has been adjusting its terms over the last few elections.

The problem was addressed in 2003, when the board opted to petition the Tenth Judicial Court to correct its imbalance – that is, that five seats were up the fall of 2003 for the seven member board.

The imbalance came about in the elections of 1999, when one of the terms was posted as four years instead of two, then-Supt. George Ladd said.

Since then, the terms were staggered to even out the number of seats.

Lester Prairie School District

For Lester Prairie, three seats are up this year, including board members Jim Jorgensen, Chester Hoernemann, and chairman Fred Blaser.

Howard Lake

For Howard Lake City Council, there are three seats up in the fall. The mayor position served by Rick Lammers is up. Two other seats open on the council, which are those served by Mike Mitchell and Pete Zimmerman.


In Waverly, three seats are also up, that of mayor, served by Ken Antil, and council seats served by Keith Harris and John Konrath. Konrath was appointed to fulfill the rest of Pam Henry-Neaton’s seat, when she resigned in April 2009 to move out of town.

Harris was appointed in February of 2009 to fill out the rest of Antil’s term, since Antil was elected mayor as a sitting council member and had to be replaced on the council in order to assume the mayor post.


For Winsted, three positions are up, including mayor, served by Steve Stotko, and two council positions, served by Tom Wiemiller and Dave Mochinski.

City of Lester Prairie

For Lester Prairie City Council, there are three seats up; the mayor spot, served by Andy Heimerl, and two council positions, served by Ron Foust and Larry Hoof.


In Mayer, there are three seats up. The mayor position, served by Chris Capaul, will be on the fall ballot. Two council seats, served by Myron Taylor and Mike Dodge are also up.

New Germany

In New Germany, there are three seats up, the mayor seat served by Pete Pederson, and two council seats served by Jim Paul and Steve VanLith.

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