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Franklin Township tables request from Nature’s Nest
April 12, 2010

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, MN – A request from Catherine Rose of Nature’s Nest, located on Brighton Avenue, drew some discussion before being approved by the Franklin Township Board.

Rose requested approval of a set-up/consumption and display license from the township board before Wright County grants its approval.

A resident present at the township meeting stated she and her family live on property adjoining Rose’s.

She said they, and other neighbors who were not present at the meeting, have a concern with the increased amount of traffic that additional outdoor weddings, camps, and classes will cause.

They also have a concern with the consumption and display license, according to the draft minutes from the meeting.

It was noted the township has already approved the conditional use permit request and that it is now in the hands of the county. Township Chairman Bill McMullen suggested the neighbor keep in contact with Wright County on the issue.

Shifting back to the reason Rose was at the meeting last Monday night, the board noted it was the county requesting Rose obtain a consumption and display license. McMullen said he understood this to be part of the already-approved conditional use permit.

Following further discussion, the township tabled the request for the consumption and display license. The county is coming to visit Nature’s Nest April 6, and there is a county meeting scheduled April 8.

Rose stated she was fine with tabling the issue until the county considers it and she has a chance to discuss further with neighbors.

Her festival scheduled for May of this year has been approved by the county, so tabling this issue does not cause an inconvenience to what has historically happened.

Flooding along township roads discussed

Several residents were present at the meeting to discuss flooding that took place in the township in the area along the Crow River.

Some specific areas of discussion included Eastwood, Deegan, and Eaken Avenues. One resident present said her concern about the high waters regarded safety, and said residents without four-wheel drive or pickup trucks were stranded.

She suggested continuing to build up the roads to make this a manageable situation in the event the township sees this much water again.

Another issue discussed was the large amount of traffic that passes through road closed signs and barriers to see the flooding.

McMullen talked about an idea the township board has been discussing. He said the township issued a conditional use permit for a mining operation along the river. The company will be recycling concrete. He said the recycled concrete makes an excellent road base.

He said it can be used to build the road up approximately 1 foot, and then a layer of granite can be laid to give it a new “drive surface.”

The township does have reserves that can be used in these sort of situations and does not have to wait to do it.

The township board said it’ll tackle this area with its road crew.

Concerns expressed about Rivendell Estates street

A township resident contacted McMullen to discuss bad cracks that need to be crack sealed in the Rivendell Estates area. McMullen has reviewed with the township’s maintenance staff that the issue will be addressed this year.

The same resident also asked if the township will be sweeping roads, and it was noted the township will not be sweeping the roads.

Odds and ends

In other business, the board:

• designated the board chair as John Czanstkowski Sr., and the vice chairperson as McMullen.

The chairperson has the authority to sign checks for the township, and the vice chairperson has the authority to sign in the chairperson’s absence.

Later in the meeting, the board passed the gavel from McMullen to Czanstkowski as the new chairperson of Franklin Township.

• discussed Wright County’s dangerous dog ordinance. If the township were to opt out of participating in the county’s ordinance, it would be forced to create its own ordinance.

The board “reluctantly” approved to opt in to the Wright County dangerous dog ordinance, rather than opting out, according to the draft minutes from the meeting.

• heard from Tom Koop of Larson Allen, who reviewed the balance sheet of the township and presented the annual audit. Koop said the books are very clean and the township has good financial stability.

• approved a 3.2 alcohol license and gambling license for St. Mary’s of Czestochowa Church for the annual church festival set for Sunday, July 18.

• approved a right-of-way permit for Frontier Communication, contingent upon the correct bonding and other notes from the township’s legal counsel.

• approved beginning the process to purchase a one-ton Silverado 3500 gasoline truck, contingent upon discussing it with maintenance staff.

The vehicle is to be ordered after the next meeting through the state’s co-op purchasing venture, after board approval.

• passed a motion that it will continue to be the board’s policy to provide copies of approved minutes at a flat rate of $2.

Requests for large volume electronic duplication will be charged the clerk’s hours plus a 20 cent-per-page copy fee and mileage expense, if any incurred.

• approved the township’s regular monthly meetings will be on the first Monday of every month at 7 p.m. at the town hall, except if the first Monday falls on a holiday, in which case the board will meet the following Tuesday at 7 p.m.

• set the spring road tour for Tuesday, April 20 at 10 a.m.


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