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Protest draws attention in Delano Wednesday
Aug. 16, 2010

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

DELANO, MN – If it was attention they wanted, they certainly got it.

Two volunteer representatives from the LaRouche Political Action Committee set up shop in front of the Delano Post Office Wednesday just after noon. Literature the two were distributing focused on wage cuts, lay-offs, and a number of other issues.

Responding to a sign that said “pull over to impeach Obama,” and an image of President Barack Obama with a “Hitler” moustache, some folks shouted through their vehicle windows at the two, others pulled up alongside the curb or got out and chatted with the two, and others simply drove by on River Street and ignored the protesters. While the signs may have been offensive to some, they are legal, according to officials.

Not long after the protesters set up shop, a woman sat down near the two – protesting the protest. A call was made by LaRouche representatives to the Wright County Sheriff’s Office regarding language the woman was using, and two deputies came and spoke with the woman. No other action was taken.

“I was able to witness the protesters firsthand on Wednesday as I stopped at the Delano Post Office to mail a package,” commented one Delano area resident only wishing to be identified as “Jan.”

“I may or may not support the protesters and I may or may not believe in Barack Obama’s policies, but I do object to defacing the president’s face on their posters and the way they defaced them,” she added. “I understand their freedom of speech rights, I just find it interesting that they chose Delano to stage their protest.”

According to the protesters, who declined to provide identification to the media, the operation goes from town-to-town every day, setting up in different communities across the country. A vehicle near the post office where the protesters set up had an Illinois license plate and was filled with LaRouche literature.

“They can do it as long as they don’t impede customers coming in and out of the post office,” commented Delano Postmaster Larry Matson, adding that it is likely the group chose the post office because of the high amount of walk-in traffic. The two stayed in Delano throughout the afternoon, leaving town in the early evening hours.

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