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Road construction continues north of Montrose
Aug. 9, 2010

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

Construction is progressing on Wright County State Aid Highway (CSAH) 12 from south of 15th Street SW in Marysville Township to Highway 25 in Buffalo.

The City of Buffalo has a contract with Knife River Corporation to do the urban construction on CSAH 12 from Highway 25 to the south city limits, near the boat landing to Buffalo Lake.

The Wright County Highway Department has a contract with Mathiowetz Construction Company of Sleepy Eye to do the rural portion of construction from the south city limits to south of 15th Street, north of Montrose.

Construction on the rural portion is anticipated to be completed during the 2011 construction season, according to the highway department.

Overloading of poor soils for several months in various areas along the roadway is currently underway and is required to lessen future settlement of the roadbed. Some sections of the project could remain unpaved over the winter to facilitate accelerated settlement of poor soils.

It is anticipated the detour will be removed over the winter and re-installed the spring of 2011. Construction will likely run into November of this year, with one layer of bituminous paving occurring prior to winter shutdown.

It is anticipated that the top layer of blacktop will be paved in 2011, at which time pavement markings, signing, final landscaping touch-up and site clean-up will be completed.

During construction, CSAH 12 will be closed to thru traffic, which will be directed to use official posted detours.

Local access for residents continues

Access to and through the construction area will be restricted to those residents who have no alternate route to and from their destination. Residents are directed to travel south on CSAH 12 to reach their destination.

ID car tags have been issued for local residents. If conditions are favorable, the detour will be removed over winter and re-installed next spring, so residents should keep their car tags.

If additional tags are needed, they can be picked up at the Wright County Public Works Building located on Highway 25 at the intersection of Wright County Road 138, about 1.5 miles north of Highway 55 in Buffalo.

Changes also taking place to utilities

Many changes will be taking place to privately owned utilities just ahead of the actual roadway construction.

Gas pipelines, telephone cables, internet cables, along with overhead power, are all being relocated within the new right-of-way lines. This work will be performed by the individual utility companies or by crews which they hire directly.

Salvage of timber, fencing, bushes, rock gardens, etc., by landowners should now be complete.

This project also includes the placement of a new swing-away mailbox support at no cost to residents (only for residents who already receive mail directly on CSAH 12).

Existing mailboxes and supports were removed early during construction.

Future updates

Residents who prefer to receive future project updates by email can call (763) 682-7383 and leave your e-mail address.

For more information on the ongoing project, contact Virgil Hawkins, assistant highway engineer at (763) 682-7387, Kevin Johnson, senior construction tech at (763) 682-7707, or Mark Johnson, right-of-way agent, at (763) 682-7386.

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