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Road weight restrictions now in effect
March 15, 2010

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

WRIGHT COUNTY, MN – Spring road weight restrictions are now in effect for highways across Minnesota, and will remain in effect until further notice.

“Truck weight restrictions are used in the spring to help preserve pavements that lose strength due to partial thaw conditions and trapped water,” said Keith Shannon, director of MnDOT’s office of materials.

All roads in the county will be posted with signs indicating maximum allowable axle loads and will be enforced by the Wright County Sheriff’s Department.

The ending dates for spring load restrictions are variable, and dependent on weather condition changes, Shannon explained.

Any questions regarding specific route postings should be directed to the office of the county highway engineer in Buffalo at (763) 682-7383 or (800) 362-3667, ext. 7383.

Maps showing specific restrictions are available for viewing in city and town halls. This map is also available on the home page of the Wright County web site: www.co.wright.mn.us

For more information about seasonal load limits, locations of weight- restricted routes, and state highways open to maximum 10-ton axle weights, go to www.mrr.dot.state.mn.us/research/seasonal_load_limits/sllindex.asp.

Fixing potholes

After a long winter, potholes on Minnesota roads tend to be an annoying side effect.

Wright County Highway Superintendent Steve Meyer says crews fill potholes as needed throughout the year by using cold fill during the colder months.

Then, when weight restrictions are lifted and local hot mix plants open, the potholes get filled once again with hot mix.

Any areas of concern should be directed to the county.


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