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Delano man starts seal coating business
May 31, 2010

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – The road of life isn’t always predictable, but Wes Pogue of Delano, owner of Top Coat Sealcoating, knows how to smooth out the imperfections.

Before the economic downturn, he had been involved in excavation and housing development work, but when housing slowed, Pogue simply altered his skill set.

“In a down economy, seal coating is something that people still do, and it’s affordable,” Pogue said.

He started Top Coat Sealcoating last spring, and, so far, business has been booming.

“Right now, we’re pretty swamped,” he said.

Pogue works mid-April to mid-October, weather permitting. Then, in the winter, he does snowplowing through Pogue Enterprises.

Before starting Top Coat Sealcoating, Pogue did extensive research to find the best materials and equipment for the job.

“We use the best product you can buy,” he said. “I take pride in my work, and I’m pretty picky with how the driveways look at the end.”

Pogue said he typically schedules four or five driveways per day, so that he can take his time with each one.

Seal coating is a good idea for people who want to keep their driveways in good condition without spending a lot of money, Pogue said.

Without seal coating, an average driveway will last 10 to 12 years.

“If you remember to seal coat every two years, the driveway will last two to three times longer,” he said.

For a three-car driveway, seal coating costs are usually less than $200, which would mean spending about $800 every 10 years. In contrast, an entirely new driveway can cost between $4,000 and $5,000.

“The best thing is to tackle it early on,” Pogue said.

Seal coating is also a popular choice for people who want to add “curb appeal” and increase the property value of their homes.

“A lot of our customers are people who are putting their houses on the market,” Pogue said. “When the driveway is seal coated, it looks 10 times better.”

Seal coating provides a barrier to salts, chemicals, gas, and oil, which will break down and eat through asphalt. It also improves crack resistance and keeps asphalt flexible.

“The cracks are caused by our harsh climate,” Pogue said. “With extreme cold and heat, there can be erosion issues.”

According to the Pogue’s website, a good sealer will fuse with the pavement, acting as both a renewable layer that can be sacrificed to the elements, and as a deterrent to water penetration.

Pogue advises people to edge their lawns, in order to keep their driveways lasting longer.

“If you don’t keep the grass away from the driveway, the grass will start growing through the asphalt,” he said.

More about the Pogues
Top Coat Sealcoating serves customers in a 20-mile radius around Delano. Pogue offers free estimates and neighborhood discounts.

Pogue and his family have lived in Delano since 2003. Pogue is a graduate of Orono High School. His wife, Jamie, graduated from Delano High School.

They have a 9-year-old daughter, Athena; and a 5-year-old son, Will.

To learn more about Top Coat Sealcoating, go to www.topcoatsealcoat.com or call (763) 244-0866.

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