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Level three sex offender moves into Ellsworth Township
JULY 12, 2010

Meeting to take place Tuesday at town hall

By Kristen Miller

ELLSWORTH TOWNSHIP, MN – As part of the community notification law, the Meeker County Sheriff’s Office is hosting a meeting at the Ellsworth Town Hall Tuesday regarding a level three sex offender having recently moved into the area.

The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office was recently notified by the Minnesota Department of Corrections that Jeffrey Alan Truelson, 43, has changed his address from the city of Litchfield to the 17000 block of 633rd Avenue in Ellsworth Township, near the Greenleaf area.

Sex offenders are ranked on a scoring system from one to three, with three having the highest risk of reoffending, according to Meeker County Sheriff Jeff Norlin.

Minnesota’s predatory offender community notification law requires law enforcement to share certain information about the offender based on risk level, according to the state statute.

Since this law went into effect in the late ‘90s, Meeker County has had two situations when they were required to inform the public based on this law, according to Norlin, including Truelson’s original move to the Litchfield area.

The Meeker County Sheriff’s Office encourages anyone with any questions to attend the public meeting at 7 p.m., July 13 at the Ellsworth Town Hall, located at 19258 CSAH 9, Darwin, MN.

A level one offender is explained as a low-level offender, who has a very low risk of reoffense, Norlin said, and information about such offenders are not public.

A level two offender has a moderate risk of reoffense and information released about them is specific to the crime committed.

A level three offender is at the highest risk level of reoffense and therefore, all information is made public when the offender moves into a new community, according to Norlin. It was noted that an exact address cannot be disclosed.

Details regarding the law and this specific offender will be addressed at the meeting Tuesday at 7 p.m. at Ellsworth Town Hall.

Truelson is not wanted by law enforcement, and has served his sentence, according to Norlin, who encourages residents to attend the meeting for further information about this law and the specific offender.

For more information about the law and to see a predatory offender registry by county, visit the MN Department of Corrections website at www.doc.state.mn.us.

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