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Stockholm Lutheran is ready for second annual ‘Snow Day’
Jan. 4, 2010

By Lynda Jensen

COKATO, MN – A day of sledding and snowy fun are scheduled once again during the second annual Stockholm Lutheran “Snow Day” at Stockholm Hill Sunday, Jan. 10.

Rides will be available to the top of the hill, using snowmobiles and four-wheelers and small trailers, commented Pastor Mark Little.

“We also plan to have a sleigh rides through the fun hills of Stockholm Woods. This will go non-stop throughout the afternoon,” he added.

The church will be taking advantage of its newly-built picnic shelter for a place to take shelter, to rest, and to enjoy some snacks that will be available.

“Of course, the church fellowship hall is just a few steps away, whenever you need to warm up or dry off,” Little said.

Throughout the afternoon, there will also be hot chocolate, other refreshments, as well as pizza and pop for all at the end of the day.

The Snow Day is a family event that attracted more than 90 people last year.

When it was first conceived, it started out as a simple idea that just kept growing, Little said last year.

“It truly was an amazing sight to behold with a hillside full of people – sleds and tubes flying down the well-groomed hill, bearing riders of all ages, from retired grandparents down to 5-month-olds,” Little said.

“It was especially fun to see grandparents and grandkids together on sleds, mounds of kids piled onto giant tractor tires stacked “two-high,” and people on every imaginable type of sled.”

Last year, the weather was perfect.

In order to pull off the event, several volunteers helped to make it happen, Little noted.

“Many willing hands were there to help,” he said. “Not one person said they didn’t have time. People just kept coming and surprising us with these lovely wonderful words, ‘How can I help?’”

People helped groom the sliding tracks and trails in the woods, drive four-wheelers and snowmobiles, cook pizza and hot chocolate, organize the event, welcome people, push sledders, and keep things going safely. People also helped to tighten scarves, take pictures, and share prayers.

At the end of the day last year, a big, full moon beamed approvingly down on a few diehards still on the hill – no doubt anxious for a few more good rides.

The wonderful day of snow fun came to a close with pizza, hot chocolate, devotions, and good fellowship.

It was a great day to be together in Jesus’ name at Stockholm.

Snow Day at Stockholm was a wonderful gift. The snow day will usually be scheduled the second Sunday of January.


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