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Township filings open
Dec. 27, 2010

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

COKATO, DASSEL, MN – There are a number of townships in the area that will hold elections Tuesday, March 8, for various open positions.

Filings for these positions will be open from Tuesday, Dec. 28 through Tuesday, Jan. 11. There is a $2 filing fee. Contact the prospective township clerk for an application.

Cokato Township

In Cokato Township, the two positions up for election are that of treasurer (two-year term), currently served by Nancy Dahlman, and that of supervisor (three-year term), currently served by Dan Bravinder.

Contact Brad Morris, township clerk, at (320) 286-5406, to file.

French Lake Township

In French Lake Township, the two positions open are that of treasurer (two-year term), currently served by Lucille Ekholm, and that of supervisor (three-year term), served by Mike Granquist.

Contact Rosanne Peterson at (320) 286-6163 to file.

Stockholm Township

There are three positions up for election in Stockholm Township. Positions open are that of treasurer, currently served by Mark Wendolek. This is a two-year term.

The two supervisor positions (three-year terms) open are those of Paul Yates and Paul Davis,.

To file, contact Diane Johnson at (320) 286-5087.

Collinwood Township

In Collinwood Township, there are two positions up for election. They are that of treasurer (a two-year term), currently served by Michelle Schnitzler, and that of supervisor (three year term), served by Randy Holm.

To file, contact Larry Ostlund, clerk, at (320) 286-2393.

Dassel Township

There are two positions open in Dassel Township – that of treasurer, currently served by Gahlen Nyman, and that of supervisor, served by Orville Anderson.

To file, contact Karin Colberg, clerk, at (320) 275-3779.

Ellsworth Township

In Ellsworth Township, the treasurer and supervisor positions are open.

The treasurer is a two-year term and is currently served by Elvera Smith. The position of supervisor is a three-year term and is currently served by Roger Werner.

To file, contact Gordy Seiffert, clerk, at (320) 693-7896.

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