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Township Roundup
May 17, 2010

MEEKER, WRIGHT COUNTIES, MN – Several local townships had updates for the week of Monday, May 17.

French Lake accepts gravel bid
At its May meeting, French Lake Township accepted a gravel bid from Mid-Minnesota Concrete in Annandale, Clerk Rosanne Peterson said.

Kingston gets ready for summer
Kingston Township is getting ready for summer maintenance, and recently completed a road tour to determine sites that need improvement, Clerk Gail Schiefelbein said.

Several areas will need tiling, which will be done by Lindberg, Inc.

Gravel will be provided by McCarthy Gravel in Litchfield, and lawn mowing will be done by Bonde Lawn Service in Dassel.

Matt Gilbertson of Ogilvie will be doing wild parsnip spraying in early summer.

The Kingston Township cleanup day went really well, Schiefelbein added, and the township plans to do it again next year.

Dassel Twp. to start road projects
Dassel Township will start several road projects the second or third week of June, Clerk Karin Colberg said.

Overlay will be done to portions of roads 258, 738, 250, 240, and 246.

Tarring will be done to portions of roads 273, 692, 705, and 743.

Cokato Twp. to fix spots of road
Cokato Township will be repairing bad spots on 30th Street and Morrison Avenue, Clerk Brad Morris said.

Also, the township will be graveling and dustcoating roads within the next few weeks, weather permitting.

Stockholm info meeting May 24
Stockholm Township will have an informational meeting Monday, May 24 at 7:30 p.m. at the township hall regarding the current town hall versus a new town hall and land purchase.

“The purpose of the meeting is to give residents the opportunity to discuss all the different factors,” Clerk Diane Johnson said.

There will be information and illustrations of possible new town hall designs available.

Ellsworth monitors gravel roads
Ellsworth Township is monitoring its gravel roads for areas that need gravel this year, Clerk Gordy Seiffert said.

At the April 15 township meeting, the board heard that the emergency replacement of a collapsed 15-inch culvert on the east side of Lake Erie is complete. Also, 640th Street rebuilding will soon be complete.

Fire and rescue contracts, which are covered by Hutchinson, Dassel, and Litchfield, have been redone for the upcoming year, Seiffert added.

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