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Township Roundup
June 7, 2010

Winsted Twp. tilling reminder
During the road inspection May 19, Winsted Township board members noticed farmers tilling into the township road right-of-way, Clerk Susan Goebel noted. The board reminds residents that the right-of-way extends into the ditches 33 feet from the center of the road.

The board completed the spring road inspection May 19, and graveling began last week.

Camden Twp. discusses 70th St.
The Camden Township board is discussing cartway issues, primarily on 70th Street, Clerk Roger Sauerbrey said. The road might be repaired or rebuilt this summer, he said.

Camden Township’s board of equalization meeting took place May 13, with three residents in attendance.

“We didn’t have too many questions this year,” Sauerbrey said. “It was pretty quiet.”

One resident asked about taxes on land in a conservation reserve program, while the other two residents had general questions about their tax statements.

At the regular May meeting, the board discussed conditional use permit (CUP) contract language that states that the rights stay with the landowner, not the applicant, but more research is still needed. “The county attorney is looking into it,” Sauerbrey said.

Bergen dust coating mid-June
McLeod County will be applying dust coating mid-June, and will be notifying Bergen Township of the locations, Clerk Amy Meyer noted. If residents are getting dust control applied by a contractor other than the county, Bergen Township should be notified prior to application.

The township road tour was conducted May 5, and letters have been sent to residents whose mailboxes and mailbox posts are not in compliance with state statutes. Various areas requiring tree trimming and additional gravel were also looked at, Meyer said.

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