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Township Roundup
Sept. 27, 2010

McLEOD, CARVER, WRIGHT COUNTIES, MN – Three area townships have updates for this week.

Bergen Twp. purchases plow
At the September Bergen Township meeting, the board approved the purchase of a new plow, at an estimated cost of $6,100, Clerk Amy Meyer noted. New tires for the township truck were also approved, at a cost of about $3,123.

The board also approved tree cutting to take place in road right of ways, Meyer added.

Camden Twp. seeks deputy clerk
Camden Township is seeking a new deputy clerk, because the former deputy clerk, Alysia Vinkemeier, moved out of the area, Clerk Roger Sauerbrey said. Anyone interested in learning more about the position can contact Sauerbrey at (952) 657-2431.

In other township news, the board approved a two-year contract with the Carver County assessor at a cost of about $8,000 per year.

The board also lowered its fire protection levy to $46,703, down from the $59,000 amount that was approved at the annual meeting in March.

Election judges were appointed for the November election, and mowing along the road banks is almost done, Sauerbrey added.

Woodland aid reduced by $9,400
Minnesota’s unallotment in market value credit for townships will result in $9,400 less than anticipated for state aid in Woodland Township, according to Clerk Gloria Janikula.

Woodland Township had anticipated aid of about $18,000, but it will receive less than half of that amount.

“We’re going to continue discussing the ramifications of this at our next meeting,” Janikula said.

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