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Township Roundup
Nov. 22, 2010

McLEOD, WRIGHT COUNTIES, MN – Two area townships have updates for the week of Nov. 22.

Bergen Twp. mailbox reminder
Bergen Township residents are encouraged to make sure their mailbox supports are stable enough to withstand wet snow being plowed this winter, Clerk Amy Meyer noted.

The township will only replace mailboxes if the wing hits the mailbox, not if damage is caused by the snow hitting the mailboxes.

Also, the new tires and plow are on the truck, and a conditional use permit for Lowell Schwarzrock was approved.

Middleville Twp. hears about possible hay loft renting
After Tim and Renee Johnson of Middleville Township recently used their hay loft as the site of a family wedding reception, they were approached by several people who thought they should rent their facility for others to use.

According to Middleville Township Clerk Joey Berg, the Middleville planning and zoning committee said the Johnsons should check with their next door neighbors and insurance company.

“Then, they could jump through the hoops for obtaining a conditional use permit,” Berg noted.

In other township news, the roadside mowing and gravel hauling is finished.

“Now, it appears it’s time to be ready for the winter road challenges,” Berg noted.

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