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Volunteers needed for Darwin’s Twine Ball Day
April 26, 2010

Committee members address Darwin Council on lack of volunteers

By Kristen Miller
Staff Writer

DARWIN, MN – Twine Ball Committee members Patti Burdick and Chris Hansen brought their concerns to the Darwin City Council meeting Tuesday regarding volunteer participation for this year’s event in August.

Their concerns were that with the lack of volunteers, some events will likely be canceled, including the pork chop dinner.

Also in debate is whether or not the raffle should continue due to lack of participation and small profits.

The committee and council are asking community members to step up and help with the annual festival.

“If we don’t have volunteers, there won’t be a Twine Ball Day,” commented Council Member Diane Porth.

A Twine Ball organizational meeting has been set for Tuesday, May 11 at 6:30 p.m. at the Twine Ball Museum for those willing to help with the Aug. 14 event.

Interested parties can also contact Burdick at (320) 693-2708.

Liquor store report

Liquor store manager Katie Riehle was unable to attend Tuesday’s council meeting, but relayed information to the council through Porth.

Porth told the council that if they haven’t been to the liquor store to see what Riehle has done, they need to go.

“It looks pretty nice,” Porth said. “[Riehle] has some good things going.”

Porth reported Riehle’s efforts in reducing inventory and increasing beer prices to make them more competitive. Current prices are still too low, according to Riehle.

It was also reported that a new cash register will be needed “sooner rather than later,” since the current register has been malfunctioning.

After some discussion, the council approved the purchase of a new cash register for $4,635. It was noted there is a three-year warranty.

The council also OK’d the request by the Greenwings, a youth group under Ducks Unlimited, to have a can collection site in the Darwin Liquor Store parking lot.

Public works

Jill Holte, public works, informed the council that the water tower had been cleaned April 13 and she is waiting for a report and photos.

In regard to potholes around town, Holte informed the council she will be getting quotes for repairing three.

Holte also announced she will be flushing hydrants the week of Monday, May 10.

Odds and ends

In other business, the council:

• discussed four properties that are in violation of the city’s ordinance for maintenance.

The council agreed that letters would be sent to each of the violators, with 30 days to cleanup the property or be subjected to a $100 fine for each day following.

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