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Delano gets new wellness center
Sept. 6, 2010

By Julie Krienke
Staff Intern

DELANO, MN – From shiatsu and yoga to coaching and therapy, there is not much that recently opened Dancing River does not offer when it comes to individual health and wellness.

Jointly operated by local residents Diane Przymus, Mary Reynolds, and Amy Rieder, Dancing River Wellness Center has been offering the city of Delano something new since its opening July 14.

“To provide services for this community that aren’t being offered elsewhere in the community is exciting,” Rieder said. “I always wanted to do something right in the community I am in, so to have a place like this with people like Diane and Mary is really my dream.”

For each of the three individuals, opening Dancing River has fulfilled a different vision.

For Rieder, it is that she can teach yoga and be a wellness coach for people in the surrounding communities.

For Reynolds, fulfillment is found in the opportunity to offer counseling for individuals and couples in need of guidance.

And for Przymus, having the chance to practice shiatsu and life coaching within the community of Delano is a dream come true.

“I’m really excited to work in a collective way with them,” Przymous said. “It’s just been really fun to be working together, creating things, and supporting one another.”

The idea of Dancing River Wellness Center was formed when Mary Reynolds’ building on River Street was vacated by its renter.

According to Rieder, she and Reynolds had been friends for quite some time when they started discussing the idea of opening a wellness center together.

“I had worked for many years in cardiac rehab at a hospital in Minneapolis,” Rieder said. “I decided I wanted to do something different. At the same time, Mary was saying that she wanted to start a private practice for her therapy.”

Because of this, Rieder and Reynolds decided to open a business together in Reynolds’ now available building.

“We had started talking about sharing an office,” Rieder said. “Mary actually owns this building, and we didn’t find anything else we liked.”

Located in downtown Delano on River Street, the building was reclaimed by Rieder and Reynolds, who moved into their new office and began decorating.

“We had a lot of meetings to brainstorm what we wanted the place to be and the purpose to be,” Rieder said. “We wanted to make it a friendly and welcoming place, while offering alternative practices to the community.”

Rieder and Reynolds started the business out by doing Saturday morning yoga classes and taking clients.

Reynolds was still working at Allina Clinic in Cokato in addition to doing counseling at Dancing River, and Rieder was getting more active in wellness coaching and teaching yoga. Yet, both women felt that their business was missing one key factor.

“Mary and I felt like something was missing,” Rieder said. “We had several people approach us, wanting to start a massage practice. Nothing was feeling quite right with that.”

The idea was that Rieder and Reynolds bring in one more individual to practice wellness therapy. After looking for another partner for quite some time, Rieder and Reynolds discovered that the person they needed had actually been looking for them.

“One Saturday morning we were just finishing up yoga, and Diane and her son and husband walked in,” Rieder said. “She right away had that right kind of energy.”

After running a practice in Italy for two years, Przymus was interested in opening her very own practice. For this reason, Przymus started looking for a place to start a practice as soon as she moved to Delano.

While having breakfast with her family at Three Crows Café and Coffee House, Przymus noticed that a yoga class was just ending across the street.

After Przymus made her way into the wellness center, Rieder and Reynolds discovered the missing key. Przymus joined the partnership in June, and everything came together from there.

With their own personal experiences in a variety of health practices, Rieder, Reynolds, and Przymus each decided to use their unique backgrounds and specialize in different areas of wellness.

Counseling services
With over 20 years of experience in counseling, Reynolds recently decided to start her own personal practice.

Reynolds has a master’s degree from Antioch University and is a licensed psychologist. She will continue to work at Allina Clinic in Cokato while offering counseling at Dancing River.

According to Rieder, Reynolds will be at Dancing River two to three days a week to offer therapy sessions. Reynolds is available for individual, couples, and family counseling and accepts insurance and fee for service.

“Mary has a great background in education,” Przymus added.

For this reason, Dancing River also hopes to provide community education and outreach throughout the Delano area.

Reynolds and her husband, Greg, live in Delano and own an organic farm called Riverbend Farm.

“She really has an interest in the food piece in particular and helping people choose safe and healthy foods,” Rieder said. “She is also interested in ways to make your way through the maze of food choices in America.”

For more information on Reynolds’ counseling services, contact Dancing River Wellness Center at (763) 972-5126.

Wellness coaching and yoga
After earning a master’s degree in physical education, Rieder went straight to work in a hospital dealing with patients in need of cardiac rehabilitation.

Yet, after 15 years in cardiac rehab, Rieder realized that she needed a change of pace.

“I have always been interested in health and wellness,” Rieder said. “I have always been pretty active.

“I started thinking more about working with people coming from the approach that finds a plan that works with their lifestyle,” Rieder said. “I wanted to shift the focus to preventative wellness.”

Rieder then got involved in wellness coaching and received certification to teach level one yoga. Rieder will continue to pursue more training to teach higher levels of yoga.

“The wellness coach has a purpose to create wellness practices for people,” Rieder said. “Therapists are more oriented toward the past, but coaching is all about the present and future focus.”

As a yoga instructor, Rieder hopes to help people relax, increase their flexibility, and make them feel comfortable in their body.

Originally from Minneapolis, Rieder now resides in Delano, where her family runs Rieder Meat Market.

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about Rieder’s True North Wellness division of Dancing River, call (763) 486-7703 or email truenorthwellness224@gmail.com.

Shiatsu massage and life coaching
Przymus earned a psychology degree from the University of Minnesota Twin Cities, thinking that she had found the field she was destined to study.

“I was always interested in the mind/body connection,” Przymus said. “I’ve always been lucky in that I’ve found a way to be close to what I wanted to do, but I thought this isn’t quite it because it was so in the mind.”

As a result, Przymus left on a 10-month bicycle journey to decide what she wanted to do with her career.

“I’ve always been interested in healing, but during that bike trip, I met indigenous healers from other countries and studied at a meditation center,” Przymus said. “When I went on that trip and met those people, I knew that was what I wanted to do.”

At Dancing River Wellness Center, Przymus works as a life coach and shiatsu therapist. Przymus got certification for shiatsu massage while working at a center in Minneapolis.

Shiatsu is a Japanese medical massage that is based on the same philosophy as acupuncture.

“When you have pain, it is like a blockage in the energy flow of the body,” Przymus said. “What I’ve been finding is that so much of our physical tension is part of emotional and deeper life issues that are going on.”

To schedule an appointment or to learn more about the services offered by Przymus in her division of Dancing River at Clearlight Coaching and Bodywork, call (763) 331-1449 or email info@clearlightnow.com.

Check it out
Dancing River hosts what it calls walk-in Wednesdays from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. each week. During this time, individuals can receive a complimentary shiatsu massage or wellness coaching session.

Currently, Dancing River is open Monday to Saturday by appointment during daytime and evening hours.

Packaged deals are available, and Przymus is now offering 50 percent off the first session of shiatsu.

A grand opening event will take place at the wellness center Saturday, Sept. 11 from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m.

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