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Four of six Winsted liquor establishments fail checks
March 1, 2010

By Lynda Jensen

WINSTED, MN – Four out of six establishments in Winsted, checked by the Winsted Police Department, failed alcohol compliance checks recently.

Four businesses sold liquor to a minor: Big Al’s Bar and Grill, Papa Tom’s Bar and Grill, the Blue Note, and Hussong’s Off Sale Liquor. The American Legion and Keg’s Bar were also checked, but passed.

Police Chief Mike Henrich pointed out that all of these businesses passed checks made in December.

The most recent check was conducted with a 20-year-old male (an underage person), and an off-duty cop, who was older than 21. The checks started at 6:08 p.m. and ended at 7 p.m., Henrich said.

The underage person simply walked in, and asked to buy alcohol. “The businesses did not ask for an ID (from those that failed),” Henrich said.

Three of the four businesses that failed have previous liquor offenses – all but Hussong’s, Henrich said.

The most recent offense was Papa Tom’s, which was cited for selling a pack of beer to a 19-year-old during an alcohol check March 2009. Previously, Papa Tom’s was cited for being open after hours.

This will be the third offense for Papa Tom’s.

Big Al’s has been cited for serving after hours, Henrich said.

The Blue Note was cited for a liquor violation in 2005.

Each of the parties who sold liquor to the minor was cited for this offense, Henrich said.

Per city ordinance, the Winsted City Council may suspend or revoke a bar’s liquor license for up to 60 days.

The ordinance also states that a bar’s liquor license can be suspended for a minimum of three consecutive days.

In addition, the ordinance allows the council to impose a fine of $1,000 (minimum) or up to a $2,000 (maximum) fine for each liquor violation.

Last year, the council unanimously agreed to a three-day suspension of Sudheimer’s liquor license, one day being a Friday or Saturday, with a $1,000 fine, with the suspension and fine held for a period of 24 months pending an additional liquor license violation.

Henrich said that it’s up to the council what kind of repercussion will be made.


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