Easter memories
April 18, 2011
by Jenni Sebora

Eggs, bunnies, chicks, lilies, jelly beans, and most importantly the Cross all may be a part, in some way, of Easter celebrations.

Our Easter celebration always includes coloring eggs a few days before Easter Sunday. Each year, my children try and get more creative with their egg colorings. The use of eggs in Easter celebrations existed long before our modern-day observances of this holiday.

Eggs were given as symbols of rebirth and life. In Germany and Austria, it is customary to celebrate Easter by hanging hollow eggs from branches of trees.

This year, we are going to use crayons to decorate our eggs. Using eggs that are just boiled, we are going to color them with crayons. Since the eggs will be hot/warm, we will have to put them in an egg carton to color so our hands stay free of the heat.

The annual cousin Easter egg hunt is a favorite. Our family uses plastic eggs which are filled with candy, stickers, coins, small rubber balls, etc. The opening of each egg is just as much fun as the hunt.

On Easter Sunday, our kids wake up to the Easter basket hunt. This Easter tradition brings back such fond memories of my childhood Easter celebrations.

My mother spent a lot of time and effort putting together Easter baskets for my twin brother and I. She decorated candy bars (Snickers and Milky Way) with cake tube frostings and turned these into chocolate suckers by sticking each decorated candy bar onto a Popsicle stick. My eyes traveled around each of the treats in my Easter baskets. The goodies were as much of a treat for the eyes as for the stomach. They were treats of love.

Each year when I put my children’s Easter baskets together, the love that my mother put into the creation of our baskets always fills my heart, stillto this day. This love spills over to the creation of my children’s baskets. It really isn’t about the basket; it’s about the love, caring, and tradition.

Happy Easter. I know I will be enjoying eggs and jelly beans, Easter brunch, and family.