Celebrate Independence Day
June 27, 2011
by Jenni Sebora

The Fourth of July is about the celebration of our independence.

In 1776, Thomas Jefferson was asked to write a document that would formally declare America’s freedom from Great Britain, its own governance. America declared its independence July 2, 1776. The Declaration of Independence was officially adopted by the Continental Congress July 4, 1776.

On the first anniversary of the Declaration, July 4, 1777, 13 gunshots were fired once in the morning and once in the evening in Bristol, RI.

In a phenomenal coincidence, both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams, only signers of the Declaration of Independence to later become president of the US, died on the 50th anniversary of the adoption of the Declaration of Independence, July 4, 1826.

This group of people who adopted the Declaration of Independence for America risked their lives to make our independence possible. It took courage and bravery to gain this independence for America. It is because of this courage that we celebrate the Fourth of July – Independence Day.

Our service men and women continue to fight for freedom. The Fourth of July is also a good time to visit the graves of those we love and of those service men and women who have sacrificed their lives.

It is important to share with our children the importance of this holiday. Our children can wave flags of red, white, and blue. How about having a red, white and blue bike parade?

Children can attach flags to their handlebars or tape on red, white, and blue streamers and ride their bikes in honor of their forefathers who made their freedom possible.

Children can also make their own patriotic jewelry. Using red, white, and blue yarn or string, children can make friendship bracelets by braiding or twisting strands of the three colors of yarn together to form a bracelet.

Each Fourth of July holiday, my children and I bake a white cake and topping it with whipped topping, blueberries to represent the stars, and raspberries and strawberries to represent the stripes. This dessert is simple and delicious.

How about making some strawberry or blue raspberry gelatin and top it with whipped topping and some berries?

However, you may celebrate this special holiday, whether it’s having a picnic, attending a parade and/or some fireworks, the heart of this holiday is our freedom; the freedoms we have to live in the best country in the world.