Starting the week right
January 24, 2011
by Pastor Ben A. Johnson, Evangelical Lutheran Church, Cokato

There is no better way to begin the week than by offering worship to God, our creator. Such a belief and such a practice has sustained me in life so far, and I expect it to carry me to my spiritual home.

The rules in my childhood home were as follows. You will be in church Sunday morning. If you are not, you will not attend the Sunday baseball game. There might be an exception granted for the opening of the fishing or duck hunting season.

Those rules served our family in good stead – hopefully treasures in heaven, but certainly advantages on earth, as my three sisters and I have combined for over 200 years of marriage to the same people, and the blessing of 20 children that have survived into middle age. (I have not counted the grandchildren and great-grandchildren lately.)

Does that make us special? I don’t think so. But it does make us stable because we were handed a disciplined spiritual routine by our parents. We cannot do better than our ancestors.

The challenges are much greater today. Often, there are two breadwinners in the family. The pull of sports practices and events offers competition to our spiritual lives. Multiple cars allow us to go off in different directions. Yet all of these pulls leave us spiritually poorer and with less resources to face the challenge of life ahead.

Choose to begin your week by gathering to worship God, our creator.