Getting out of here
January 31, 2011
by Rev. Lyndon Korhonen, Good Shepherd Free Lutheran Church, Cokato

It has been quite a winter, and we are only part-way through it! I’m afraid many of us would leave Minnesota at a moment’s notice if we were offered a plane ticket out of here.

Slipping on ice and breaking a bone, sliding out of control in your car into another car, shoveling the driveway only to have the snowplow return one more time and create a new bank of snow for you to work on – these situations can get old pretty quickly.

But, it’s not always possible to leave a situation, even if you desperately want to. What do you do if you have a medical condition and there is no hope for a cure?

What if you are in a relationship that is turning more and more sour by the moment?

What if your business is falling into bankruptcy, your house is in foreclosure, and you have no options left?

How do you get a flight out of those situations?

At Christmas, it is interesting to think that Christ was “out of here,” but willingly came to live in this sin-darkened world. He came on a rescue mission because He loves you.

Not many who have everything going their way will ever see their need for Jesus, but those who struggle can take heart that Jesus offers us a ticket out of here one day. To all who would repent of their sin and follow Christ as their Savior, He promised to return and catch them up to be with Him.

In 1 Thessalonians 4:17, you can read about this return of Christ for His own. Verse 18 says to comfort one another with the words of this passage in the Bible.

Do you have reservations on Jesus’ flight? He wants you to go with Him.