Strive to love God today
November 14, 2011
by Father Tony Hesse, Holy Trinity Catholic Church, Winsted

“Therefore, stay awake, for you know neither the day nor the hour.” (Mt 25:13)

This verse concludes Jesus’ story in the Bible of the bridegroom who was delayed in coming to the wedding feast, and how the five virgins did not have enough oil to keep their lamps burning as they waited for his arrival. Shortly after they left for more oil, the bridegroom showed up.

The five wise virgins, who were prepared and had enough oil, went in to the wedding feast. The five foolish virgins came knocking on the locked door wanting to come in to the feast, but were not allowed because they were not ready.

When it comes to our own faith life, do we find ourselves like the wise virgins who were prepared, or are we like the five foolish ones who were not?

Oftentimes, it appears as though our society does not care about the future, but just enjoys the present moment. It seems we are clinging too much to the quote, “Do not worry about tomorrow; tomorrow will take care of itself.” (Mt 6:34a)

Although this passage is true (which is obvious because God inspired it), we should still seek to prepare ourselves today. Not being concerned about our relationship with God today, or with our neighbors, is not a matter of trusting that tomorrow will take care of itself; it is matter of being irresponsible.

Indeed, God doesn’t want us to worry about tomorrow or about things we cannot change, but He does want us to care about how we are living our lives today and what we can change.

Are we living as though we are invincible; or as though we are open to God’s guidance?

Are we making sure our lives are ready to meet our Lord? Our faith, lived out by our actions, should strive to love God today, as if there were no tomorrow.

Far too often, I celebrate funerals for young people who were called home to God through death. During these times, I am reminded how precious life is and that we should never take it for granted.

Speaking of taking things for granted, we recently celebrated Veterans Day, a day when we remember the many veterans who have died, and those who are still blessing us with their presence today. Our freedom should never be taken for granted. Not only are we able to celebrate our freedom as American citizens because of our veterans’ service, we are also able to appreciate all the more what we have and the freedom and peace we celebrate. We are indeed grateful for their service to our country and our lives.

None of us knows when God will call us home, and that is why we always have to be vigilant and ready. Therefore, let us pray that we will not get wrapped up in ourselves and what we want at this moment, but that we seek to do what God wants for us.

Hopefully, we are giving Him our all; and hopefully, we are doing it right now. By being prepared, we are readying ourselves for the wedding feast of heaven.

We are all invited . . . but are we ready?