May I be your valentine?
February 14, 2011
by Pastor Orval Wirkkala, Kingston Apostolic Lutheran Church

The mystery of the relationship of a man and a woman coming from separate families and therefore, different lives, and being united together in marriage is profound.

Our Creator, from the beginning, has joined man and woman in the marriage covenant, and throughout the ages it has been understood as being likened unto the relationship that we have with God Himself, through His Son, Jesus Christ.

We see this biblical language expressed through the writings of Apostle Paul as it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit: “For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and shall be joined unto his wife, and they two shall be one flesh. This is a great mystery: but I speak concerning Christ and the church.” Ephesians 5:31-32

Marriage is a relationship that is founded upon unconditional love, which is designed after the grace that God has extended to us in that He has sought us and bought us for Himself so that we might live in harmony with Him already here on this earth. And in the experience of the marriage relationship, we are learning that serving yields a far greater harvest than the expectancy of being served and waited upon.

Therefore, can we not see how God has come to this world with His proposal: May I be your Valentine? Let us consider the practical aspects of marriage.

Marriage is:

“A holy covenant between a man and a woman, the cornerstone of family, and God’s most sacred plan.

It’s just another miracle that happens in this life . . . how He can take two strangers, and make them man and wife.

He can teach them how to bend like oak trees in a storm, and light their way with a lamp of love to always keep them warm.

Marriage is more than the bride and the groom on top of the wedding cake . . . it’s the joining of two hearts in love a happy marriage makes.

It’s not 50-50, nor is it a thing of the past. Only those who give 100 percent are building a marriage to last.

There can’t be limitations on the “giving” you’re willing to do, ‘cause the love you give, is the love you get returned ten-fold to you.

You must always give each other room, accept each other’s ways. A marriage based on being friends will not fade with passing days.

For passion wanes with passing time and, if there is nothing else, alone and lost, without a friend you could find yourself.

Never think that you can change your mate to fit your mold. Accept each other as you are, forever to have and to hold.

Build each other up, don’t tear your love apart. Love can’t live, and love can’t grow in a selfish heart.

Be forgiving to each other for hurtful things you say or do, ’cause there will be a time you’ll need forgiveness given to you.

Share in sorrow, share in joy, in poverty and wealth. Stand beside each other’s side in sickness and in health.

Share in faith and hope and love, let the sun never set on your wrath. Set aside some time each day to share a hug and a laugh.

Share all your hopes and dreams and fears with your lifetime friend, and build a love so strong and true that it will never end.

A love that will only grow stronger each day you are together . . . for true love is the only kind that can go on forever.

When you both are old and gray, and you recall the days of your life, you will cherish every moment shared as husband and wife.

When love endures the test of time, the day will come surely come when the two of you will truly be united . . . and as one.”

– Author unknown