I want you to evangelize
April 11, 2011
by Pastor Douglas Pierce, Lake Jennie Ev. Covenant Church, Dassel

Does that title scare you? It does many Christians. It raises the idea of buttonholing strangers on street corners or trying to be Billy Graham, speaking in front of thousands. These fears are what prevent people from feeling they have a role in evangelism.

But, I want to offer you three simple things you can do to bring someone closer to Christ. These ideas are developed by the Covenant church in a program called One Step Closer.

First, you need to pray. For those who are Christians, I hope prayer is already part of your life, but now, I want you to think about prayer as evangelism.

Who is there that you know who needs God to be at work in their life? Is it a child, a grandchild, perhaps a friend at work, or a neighbor? Lift them up in prayer. Ask the Holy Spirit to be at work in their life to bring them closer to salvation. We must remember that God can do more than we can ever imagine.

Second, you need to care. If you ask what brought someone to the knowledge of Christ, you will most often hear people talk about a person – someone who influenced them, and modeled for them what it means to be a child of God.

You can be that model. By bringing Christ to others and helping them to address the needs of this world, you help them to understand the love of God.

You already do this. You care for your family, and you care for your brothers and sisters in Christ. Now think, who do I know that I can care for who does not know Christ?

Third, you need to share. We all have a story. It may not be as dramatic as Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus, but most peoples’ stories are not.

In addition to stories of how we came to faith, we also have the stories of how God has been a real presence with us as we have traveled the journey of life. When you meet another person who is treading the same path you are, your story can become an encouragement and a reminder that we do not have to travel alone.

Three simple things; pray, care, share. Each of them has the potential to bring a stranger one step closer to God.

Now, get out there and evangelize!