Open to God's Word
August 8, 2011
by Father John Pearson, St. John's Catholic Church, Darwin

Jesus taught in the synagogue, and those who heard him were amazed.

“Isn’t he the carpenter’s son?”

‘Isn’t Mary his mother?”

“Where did he get all this?”

And so they rejected him (see Matthew 13:54-57).

Imagine someone asked you, “When it comes to communication of God’s Word in the church, who is the key person involved: the pastor, or you?

You would probably answer, “Both of us are key.” And you would be right.

Your openness to the pastor’s homily is as important as the words. If your heart is closed to the words, you will hear them one way. If you are open to them, you will hear them another way.

More importantly, if you are open to them, the Holy Spirit will be able to use them to touch your heart – even if the pastor’s words lack eloquence.

What was one homily you heard that touched you rather deeply? Why?

“Speak, Lord, your servant is listening.” (1Samuel 3:9)