God's plan still guides us
January 24, 2011
by Fr. Tom Balluff, St. Mary of Czestochowa Church, Delano

Jan. 22 of every year, it is very important that we observe the anniversary of Roe vs. Wade. This was a landmark decision by the Supreme Court, 38 years ago, here in the United States, making abortion legal on demand. This time is set aside as a very important moment for all of us to reflect on the pro-life issues of our day.

In the first book of the Bible, Genesis, God says, “It is not good for man to be alone.” God has made each one of us in his own image and likeness, allowing us to reflect certain attributes of our Creator. Although we are extremely limited by our humanity, we can, and do mirror the nature of God through our intelligence, our free will, and especially in our ability to love and be loved.

The reciprocal love between the Father and the Son is so profound and great that a third Person results from it, the Holy Spirit. And by analogy, when a husband and wife are united in love, they can become co-creators with God and are able to produce a third person – a new baby, which is a fruit of their love. The conception of a child is a reflection of the Holy Trinity, of God himself.

Today, life is being attacked from every angle. Abortion of children, of their fundamental right to life, happens all too frequently. Embryonic stem cell research involves destroying living human beings for speculative medical research. Legalized assisted suicide and euthanasia arise out of the false view that some lives are not worth living and protecting; and the attempt to redefine marriage is undermining the sacred institution that God established at the very beginning of creation.

It seems as though our modern-day culture seeks to control and manipulate God’s design by introducing such things as invitro-fertilization, embryo transfer, and surrogate motherhood. However, God’s plan remains firm and constant.

God’s original plan, made manifest through what we call revelation and tradition, is always simple and straight-forward. But it oftentimes requires self-discipline and sacrifice.

Authentic happiness is found only in those who follow God’s design, in those who accept the kingdom of God-like children – not falling into a childish perspective, but rather, to become child-like. Christ asks us to trust in the Father as children trust their parents, allowing Him to gently guide us by His loving hand.

Remember that every child born and unborn is a precious gem of incalculable worth and brings new life and energy into the family. Accepting a new life into one’s family is an opportunity to embrace Christ, who is the Author of every soul. With their simplicity, openness, and love, children show us the path to salvation, bringing Christ into the world and leading us back to him.

Children, and those who are dependent on us due to disability or age, offer us the opportunity to grow in patience, kindness, and love. They teach us that life is a shared gift, not an encumbrance.

Love is a decision. It is an act of the will. It is not an emotion – love goes far deeper than emotions. I have heard it said that, at the end of life, we will be judged on love alone, and that love is the only thing we will bring with us into the next world.

Meanwhile in the midst of so many challenges to life, we look to Christ Jesus, our hope, who offers to all the world, a share in His victory over death.