Inspirational Thoughts
A new beginning
January 3, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

Here we go again; we’re off to a fresh start, beginning a new year. Some of us are very excited, and wonder what this new year will bring.

We can all have thoughts, ideas, and plans but God has a master plan for all of creation and we are a part of it. That plan is unfolding bit by bit even this very day.

None of us have a magic crystal ball before us that will tell us what tomorrow will bring, or even what we may be doing. It’s all in the hands of God, no matter how you think about it, wonder about it, or may want it to be.

Any way you look at it, “God’s ways are better then our ways.” He can abruptly change situations beyond our control and comprehension into something one would have never imagined possible to take place.

Imagine a god who’s always playing checkers. He’s always on the move and you don’t know what strategy he has in mind.

Then, when the final play has come to the end, no matter if you have the most checkers left on the board, he zig zags and jumps many of your checkers in that last round, leaving you breathless and astounded. Regardless of who looks like they may win, he’s always the winner, and has taught us a valuable lesson.

We should always remember that all of us live day to day, with not one day being the same. Everything changes except God’s everlasting love for us.

God has a very detailed blueprint for our life, which is unfolding according to his timetable and his schedule.

God has much more that he desires to communicate to us about himself, about our self, and about our purpose here on earth.

God has something new to teach us everyday. He also brings specific people with specific needs across our path everyday. Taking one day at a time, each one of us will encounter a time when we witness something we couldn’t explain.

It was the hand of God that touched our situation as he makes himself present in our struggle, hardship, and sorrow.

To me, it’s like he leaves us with a message stamped our heart saying, “I will never leave you. I will be with you in every situation, regardless how bad or how different, you just need to believe in the God who can do the impossible.”

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