Inspirational Thoughts
The impression left behind while building others up
February 28, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

In our day, each one of us will have a person or persons that have made an impact on who we are, what we are doing, and how they helped shape us into the person we are today.

We will also come across people in our daily walk in life that will guide us, nurture us, believe in us, and give us strength, confidence, and support to go beyond our comfort zone in a meaningful way in life.

From what I have observed and learned, these people live for the moment, share their inner thoughts, smile and laugh often, and they are persistent, and caring, but, most of all their goal is to take a person and make an impression on their character. They totally refuse to spark an argument with you. More so, they use their energy in great lengths to build you up in knowledge, spirit, accountability, honesty, and humbleness. You will always feel the spirit of them around you, even when they’re not in the area.

They teach you to lean on God in all situations; to never look back on past mistakes, but to look forward and live in that day; and not look ahead, for tomorrow is not here.

They find great interest in your well-being, health, emotions and stability.

They are not envious of you, because they find great pleasure in you.

What they teach has great mileage and is instilled within you for a lifetime.

In time, trust is building that foundation where you learn to stand up on your own for what you were taught and have faith in.

You become a bigger believer in mankind when errors are redirected and not criticized.

They will teach you that it’s alright to make some mistakes in life, because mistakes make you stronger and bring out your integrity of and your well-being.

As I sit and write, I distinctly remember myself in this same position of having no confidence or belief in myself, while the other people had total confidence in what they were trying to achieve for me. They were persistent and believed, while I wore blinders, thinking they chose the wrong person for the task. The only words I knew how to say were, “No. You’ve got the wrong person.”

Again, “no,” was not a part of their plan of action. They redirected, gave confidence, and detailed instructions and won me over.

It’s people like that, that find a way to bring fruition to their plan of action. Most often, they achieve the results they were bound-and-determined to get, by redirecting their confidence.

If we sit and think about some of the notable people back in history, they failed repeatedly the list was so long, yet, they had determination and confidence and became famous people. They still live on for what they achieved in life from way back then.

My thoughts have always been, “When there is a hill to climb, don’t think that waiting will make it smaller. It won’t be smaller. Your motivation is what gets you started toward a plan of action.

Dedication is what makes you decide what you want in life. Determination is what gets you going. Don’t look back, just keep going.”

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