Inspirational Thoughts
We all need to be spiritually nourished
March 7, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

Somewhere within our lifetime, we will all have experienced where we have been so hungry that our stomach growled and others heard it. We were also so very thirsty that our lips were cracked and our throat felt like desert sand. All we could think about is wanting one drop of cool water or one small bite of bread.

This kind of desperate longing comes when we lack something essential to life itself. The human body can go for weeks without food. It can go for days without water. However, at some point, the body cries out for what it must have to survive. We all need to be nourished in some manner.

Without food and water, we wither up and die. In the same way, we need spiritual food and drink – bread and wine for our soul.

If we go without these things, we become spiritually malnourished. Our faith seems dry. Our prayer life seems empty. Our joy begins to wane. We are on the verge of spiritual starvation.

When we nourish something, we feed it, provide it with things needed for life and growth. To nourish means to keep up; make grow; foster; promote. Fair treatment nourishes good will. To feed, means we can eat and eat. Yes, we become full, but we’re still uneasy, discontent, still lacking the essential need for ourselves.

We then take a look at our body. It needs to be nourished for supply of energy, muscles, growth etc. and anything else to make us a functional human being.

When you really come down to the true source of what needs to be nourished, we maybe are peddling our bicycle backwards and not knowing it. We may have forgotten or have not been taught in life that our soul is the most important part of each and every one of us, and needs continual spiritual nourishment at all times.

We all need spiritual nourishment to maintain, and bread and water to live our lives on a daily basis.

If you think about it, it’s like we all need booster cables, something that is linked to us, to give us that lift in life. It energizes us, gives us strength, anchors our soul, shields, and grounds us from the destruction of the devil and his ways.

In today’s world, we have so many resources to turn, it’s just a matter of us wanting to nourish our soul and maintain it properly.

The amazing part is, once you are spiritually nourished, you’ll want more and more of it. In time, you then realize you can’t seem to get enough of it, and it’s contagious.

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