Inspirational Thoughts
A smile spreads sunshine
April 4, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

It was a beautiful sunny morning. A mother went into her son’s bedroom to see if he wanted to get up and greet the day. Bobbie turned his head and gave the biggest “wrinkle up the nose, squint the eyes” look.

The mother asked her son, “What kind of a face was that?”

“My face,” he replied. Bobbie thought for a moment and proceeded to slowly get up. He pushed the chair away from the kitchen table and crawled up upon the chair and sat, patiently waiting for his breakfast.

Bobbie looked out the near-by window and saw the bright sunshine. A big smile came to his face. As his mother filled his bowl with cereal, she said, “I like that beautiful smile that you are wearing.”

Bobbie replied with a chuckle, “A better face than the one I had when you tried to wake me up?”

The mother said, “Yes, Bobbie.”

Bobbie then asked, “What kind of faces do little boys and girls all make in a day?”

The mother laughed and said, “They make many faces in a day. If you wear a smile on your face, you will look warm and friendly.”

Bobbie then paused and said, “This morning I had a pickle face.”

“Yes, it was long, sour, and green,” said his mother.

Bobbie was sad. “I don’t want to have a pickle face, long, sour and green,” he said.

“Let’s get ready for school. You now have a frown on your face,” the mother said.

Bobbie put his hands on his face and said, “But I don’t want a frown face.”

Mother raised her voice, smiled, and said, “Then ‘smile,’ turn that frown face upside down! Hurry and show me that big smile! I don’t want to see the raindrop face.”

Bobbie questioned, “What’s a raindrop face?”

Mother looked him square in the face and said, “That’s when you start to cry and all the tears come.”

Bobbie laughed, “I’m going to put on a sunshine face today!” He grabbed his school bag and ran to school with a sunshine face.

When Bobbie got to school, he asked his friends, “What kind of a face are you going to wear today?”

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