Inspirational Thoughts
The Winsted Lions reach out in compassion for McKay
May 9, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

As a rose unfolds its petals, so does the love of the Winsted Lions Club when helping those in need in a humanitarian, thoughtfull way.

To hear the word cancer can give anyone the chills. To be told you have cancer and then have to live with it untill you’re maybe cured is a devastation in itself. Have faith, is all you have within your thoughts.

Being a Winsted Lion, myself, having cancer 6 months ago, and myself, being related to McKay Fiecke means I have strong emotional ties to her situation. I have so much to offer to the family because of how well I was taken care of by the University of Minnesota, community, friends, and family. I feel like I’m going through somewhat of an instant, replay, but instead, this time, offering my service to the family.

McKay Fiecke is a 10-month-old baby girl just recently diagnosed with uterine cancer.

The Winsted Lions Club has stepped forward in dignity and respect with caring thoughts, uplifting words, and the intent to “serve” her and the family. Together, in unity, we will entangle our arms around her and embrace her in compassion.

The Winsted Lions Club finds great strength in helping those less fortunate than themselves. They will be serving McKay with their voice, hands, and feet in a humble, way not asking for a payment of return of any kind.

God is watching and guiding over the Winsted Lions, community, friends, and family while they set an example and unfold their love and prayers around Mc Kay Fiecke with the intent to bring her good health and back into the family circle once again. This is what Jesus taught us to do in our daily walk in life; that is, to serve others in need, and in humility.

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