Inspirational Thoughts
A child with many wonders
June 6, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

Many of us, throughout our lives, have been challenged with all the who, what, where, why, and how questions?

Just leave it up to a little child with all their many wonders. It can even become a little exhausting at times.Their questions always seem to be answered by someone to where they find contentment.

Peter, who just turned 5 years old, was a spirited, curious, and imaginative little boy. His mother was always amused by what the little fellow was going to ask next. She would sometimes even chuckle at all his many questions. However, she felt she always met his questioning needs.

Peter went running to his mother one day for he had many questions to ask. He was curious and wanted answers.

Peter, with a spirited voice questioned, “Mommy, will you tell me about Jesus when he was a little boy? Please tell me what you know.”

His mother shook her head and replied, “Yes, Peter, I can tell you what I know or what may have happened.”

Peter began, “Where did Jesus live?”

Peter’s mother replied, “Jesus lived in Nazareth. It was a little country town, tucked away in the hills.”

“Did Jesus get up early in the morning?”

She replied, “In the morning, the sunshine would sneak in Jesus’ window, across his bedroom floor and up the side of his bed, over the top of his covers, in his eyes, and wake him.

“Mary would pour water in a basin and help Jesus get washed and dressed. Then it was time for breakfast.”

Peter chuckled and then questioned, “When he washed his neck and ears, did his mother say ‘wash more?’”

“I’m sure she did at times, just like I do with you,” said the mother.

Thinking real hard for the next question, Peter asked, “Did Jesus help inside their house?”

The mother replied, “Jesus helped with many things inside their house.”

Peter put his hands over his face, giggled, and questioned, “Did Jesus ever get into trouble for tracking up the floor?”

Peter’s mother laughed and said, “Jesus was a special person. He was a person who lived just like you and me, except he lived without sin. At the age of 12, he went to the temple and was learning about his Father’s business. As Jesus got older, one day, he stepped into the garden, and you were in His prayers. As Jesus looked into heaven, you were in His vision. His final prayer was about you. His final pain was about you. His final passion was you. He was nailed to the cross for all of us; for our sins.”

“Jesus also helped outside their house. He helped feed the animals. He helped Mary get water at the well. He also helped Joseph. He helped Joseph in the carpenter shop. He handed Joseph nails and pieces of wood. He caught the curly shavings as they fell to the floor. He watched the sawdust sprinkle on the floor, like snow, when Joseph went szhhh-szhhh with the saw.”

Again, he questioned, “Did Jesus love to play in water and run through puddles ankle deep? Did he find bird’s nests, frogs, and spiders that he wanted to keep?”

The mother replied, “Most little boys like to do those types of things. I’m sure he did something on that order.”

Peter then wondered about what Jesus did at night time.

The mother responded to his question once again, “In the evening, Mary, Joseph, and Jesus would sit on their doorstep and watch the sun go down and talk about God. They would tell stories about God over and over, until Jesus knew them by heart. Then Jesus would say his prayers and go to bed. The stars came out and all of Nazareth would go to sleep, tucked away in the hills.”

Peter, with an excited look on his face said, “Mommy, thanks for telling me about Jesus when he was a little boy. I want to be a little boy like him, that’s why I wanted to know.”

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