Inspirational Thoughts
Fathers are special
June 20, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

Fathers Day is a day set aside for honoring or remembering our father.

It’s obvious that fathers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are funny, some are serious, and some just go with the flow.

They are master minded when it comes to fixing our broken items, have arms that extend beyond when we need something high up, and have muscles when we have something that’s too heavy for us to carry.

They like to fish, hunt, travel, golf, play basketball, barbeque, farm, etc., and are versatile to their trade in life.

They are most often thought of as our leaning post – someone to lean on in midst of fear, capsized with trouble, or those uncertainties in life.

It’s amazing how some fathers can just look at their children, raise their eyebrow, or just stand up,, and they have that attention they needed to redirect that behavior to the point where they never had to say one single word.

Then, we have those fathers that just melt when you want something. They are known to be as sweet as pie, the wrap-around-the-finger type of person.

We also have the relaxed fathers – the ones who grab a beverage, find the recliner, put those feet up, find the remote control and click on that favorite show. Then within time, you’re bound to find them snoozing.

After all is said and done, fathers are kind of neat to have hanging around.

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