Inspirational Thoughts
Entering into a child’s world
July 18, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

It was an absolutely beautiful, sun shining, middle-of-the-week day. The thought that rain wasn’t hovering over our head made it even a little bit more pleasant.

The green grass and a mild breeze was soothing. It was refreshing to capture the changing kaleidoscope of nature’s beauty.

Two of my little friends, Gavin, 3 and Brogan Manthie, 16 months, were anxious, and spirited; they wanted something fun to do.

The first thought was to share some joy. How were we going to do that, being so small?

Looking around, I said to the boys, “Let’s pick some dandelions and give them to someone.” A smile came to both of their faces. My thought was to let nature present itself.

I then remembered fondly when I was small, I would freely run, and eventually, I would stop, stoop down, and pick the dandelion. In time, I had one of my hands full of dandelions. I would then bring them indoors and place them in a glass of water. To me, they were beautiful flowers.

Now, I am older and consider the humble dandelion both a wonder of God’s creation and a curse to lawn lovers everywhere. If left to their own devices, dandelions could completely cover a yard in no time. They have mastered every survival skill, including surviving drought. However, one thing they haven’t mastered is the art of growing in rows.

It’s always interesting to reflect on the wisdom we possessed as a child, to recapture a fresh outlook, and set aside the clamor of daily living.

On our journey, off we went for the day. Our first stop was the Herald Journal to drop off the children’s handful of beautiful dandelion flowers just picked with much joy to share with someone. Accompanying the beautiful yellow flowers were a bag of gummie worms as a side treat.

Ivan, editor of the Herald Journal, was honored by the boys’ desire to bring a laugh to his day by sharing their joy. He was a little swamped with work that day, but despite that, I’m sure this moment brought a little humor to his day and warmth to his heart.

Next, to the post office to visit all the mail boxes. The boys thought that was pretty neat.

Then, to V’s Grill, a little restaurant in the heart of the Winsted Community, where they were able to color a picture and eat a wonderful cheeseburger, fries, and chocolate milk. They also got to visit with some elderly folks that thought they were adorable children. This was fun to both of them!

On the road again, we sang and bee-bopped to the music on the radio, laughed, and giggled.

We stopped at a park, and the boys did some climbing, and swinging, and sat on a rocking crocodile.

Then, off we were to find their home.

We found an educational cartoon show on TV. They learned about the ABC’s and 123’s. Then they got a treat of some Gold Fish crackers to munch on.

What fun it can be to enter into a child’s world. A day that was packed and filled with fun, learning, and a happy memory is now tucked inside all three of us to last forever.

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