Inspirational Thoughts
Today’s baby versus 2011 years ago
August 1, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

Real soon, perhaps, I should write, within a couple of days, we will have a new addition to our family. Our daughter, Krystal and son-in-law, Matt are very excited, as the rest of the family is.

The baby still growing in Krystal’s womb will be born etched in God’s own design. He will be a gift from God given to his parents, us, and the rest of the world around him.

Mary and Joseph were also very excited about their news. The baby grew in Mary’s womb etched in God’s own design, as well. He was also a gift given to Mary and Joseph and the rest of the world around him.

However, it is evident that there is a difference between the two families, being that of different methods used today versus 2011 years ago.

Krystal and Matt will name their child with a name of their choice, while Mary and Joseph were told by Gabriel, an angel, to call their baby, “Jesus.”

Krystal and Matt have a nursery set up, walls painted yellow and green surrounded by a multi animal border, half way up, and animal stickers on the walls, everywhere. Beautiful sewn curtains match their theme. The crib has a mattress with soft decorative sheets and blankets. An animal mobile that revolves with soothing music will comfort and put the baby to sleep.

Jesus was born in a straw-filled manger surrounded by wooden boards half-way up and live animals chewing their feed. There was live animal sounds, with movement, accompanied by the real smells of animals. It certainly wasn’t fancy, but it was a place to rest.

Krystal and Matt will travel by car to the hospital, while Mary and Joseph traveled by donkey.

The stars will be out, but not to the point where we will be startled by a brilliant dazzling star shining over the baby.

When Krystal and Matt’s baby is born, news will travel by word-of-mouth, telephone/cell phone, Facebook, e-mail and snail mail. In contrast, the shepherds told everyone they met what the angel had said out in the fields about baby Jesus, for this was great news!

Krystal and Matt’s baby will be born into a world of sin and he, too, will be of sin like the rest of us. Baby Jesus was different because he was born into a world of sin, but he was a child of no sin; he was a perfect child.

Family and friends will travel to see Krystal and Matt’s baby, bringing flowers, cards, balloons, and cute clothes. Many people traveled afar to see baby Jesus, and brought gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh.

The drummer boy even wanted to give his drum to baby Jesus. Mary smiled and said, “I’ve heard you play your drum, and I enjoy it so much that I want you to keep your drum and share the gift you have for playing instead.” The drummer boy played his drum and made baby Jesus smile. The drummer boy realized his gift was his best – simple, yet right from his heart. The best gift we can give is to give of ourselves, a gift we always have to share.

We will all want to speak softly, hold and put our arms around Krystal and Matt’s new baby boy, and in time, walk with him and be his friend.

And as time has gone on, Jesus now softly speaks to us, he holds us at times and puts his arms around us in our most difficult moments, and he walks with us each and everyday as our friend.

Even though, their situations are much different from one another, it doesn’t matter because, in time, Mat and Krystal’s baby they will learn about Mary and Joseph’s baby and they will become good friends despite of their different arrivals into the world.

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