Inspirational Thoughts
Our greatest lessons learned
September 5, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

It’s that time of the year, when that orange spacious bus is going to be a part of our everyday scenery again.

The children are heading off to school-like any other insecure child, scared, “who am I going to know?” stomach turning with many thoughts going through their mind in different directions. In time, that will all change for the better and they will feel comfortable.

One of the greatest lessons we were taught in school was, every morning when getting up, we decided, right there, what kind of a day we were going to have. Attitude is 100 percent a part of all of us every day, no matter how old you are.

A positive, motivated student will always be successful in any school setting. The more we find enjoyment within the school system, we then become more interested in hanging around.

Later on in life, you will be amazed by the many times in your life, that what you were taught in your school setting, will be of importance to those around you. You were once the student; you now become the teacher of what you were taught.

We are all teachers, teaching something to someone every day. We should always remember that, we may not always teach with words; we teach also by who we are and how we live our lives.

One of the amazing things about it is, my teachers will always consider me as their student, while I will always consider them as my teachers, no matter what each one of us does in life.

Amazing enough, Jesus left his footprints in the sand of the seashore, but left his teaching principles in the hearts and in the lives of all whom he taught. He instructed his disciples that day and to us he speaks the same words, “Follow me.” John 21:22

Those two simple words still live on in today’s world.

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