Inspirational Thoughts
You’re not only a magnet in my life, you’re a treasure
October 24, 2011
by Pam Fiecke

Being around the elderly has always been a passion for me. Having two certifications in the area of health care adds joyfulness into the fulfillment of what I can do to make a difference in the quality of their daily living.

Dignity and respect are top priorities for them in all aspects.

To listen to their stories always brings happiness into my day, as well. The wisdom they express about their bygone yesterdays amazes me.

Then, to be of any kind of service to them is heartwarming. To assist them a little with their walking as they struggle those small steps is of great pleasure to me. They always manage to find a smile or something meaningful to say to you.

I have many elderly folks I enjoy immensely. Every one of them triggers me in a different way. I have one special elderly lady friend that I don‘t do health care with, but I find myself totally fond of her. We both have already openly expressed how we are magnetized to each other, and we laugh about it. We usually attend a lot of similar functions, which makes this more fun for the two of us.

The high light of seeing each other, is enjoying each other’s company. We both get excited and our little heart flutters when we see each other in a crowd of people. We both hunt each other down and connect in an excited manner. It’s just plain fun.

A while ago, I gave her a religious bracelet that had been blessed. She received it as a gift when her husband passed away. She wears it all the time and makes it very clear to me and others thats she’s wearing it almost all the time.

I do take a peek, and sure enough, she’s wearing it. She is very protective over her bracelet and wears a smile when she raises her arm in the air to shows others her wonderful gift.

Sometimes, it makes me wonder why all friendships can’t be as nurturing and simple. We both care for each other in a close-knit way. We never spark an argument or say an unkind word because we value the relationship and the fun we’re having being magnets to one another.

She’s not only a magnet, she’s a treasure for being an uplifting person. I find this so right, to write about her because isn’t it nice to know how people feel about you when you’re still face-to-face in a world where love should be shown others, not jealousy, degrading or outrage?

The relationship of being magnetized is unique and considered a gift because we let nothing come in between the special moments we share. It’s the eloquence of who she is that attracts me to her. She is a pleasant lady and I am very fond of her and fortunate to have found such a wonderful person along my path in my life. She represents an excellent role model of what an elderly person should be like. She is all of what God created her to be.

I just recently told her I wanted to get something or do something special for her. but I couldn’t pinpoint what so, I decided I was going to share my thoughts about her. She will laugh at that statement but hold it high within her thoughts every day.

The name is withheld, for she knows this is written especially for her, to bring happiness into her day for just being herself.

We simply take it one visit at a time and explore what we can about each other while having fun, laughs and giggles; yet still, remaining magnetized to each other.

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