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DC High School to host diabetes walk to raise money for diabetes research
May 9, 2011

By Jennifer Kotila

Staff Writer

About one in every 400 children and adolescents in the US have Type I diabetes, which is why students at the Dassel-Cokato High School decided to plan a walk to raise money for diabetes research.

When someone has Type I diabetes, the pancreas cannot produce insulin, according to the American Diabetes Association.

People with Type I diabetes must take insulin every day for the rest of their lives in order to survive.

In the US, there are 25.6 million adults over the age of 20 who have diabetes.

“The long-term effects of diabetes are blindness, kidney damage, and circulation problems,” said DC senior Annika Ring, who was diagnosed at the age of 6 with Type I diabetes. “But, with technology coming along, hopefully that will help with those problems.”

Ring must test her blood sugar four times each day. She has an insulin pump, and has to be careful about what she eats, she said.

Each student at the DC High School was given a pledge envelope Wednesday to collect money to fund diabetes research.

That same day, students with diabetes were interviewed on DCTV, the high school’s TV station, and were shown a video about diabetes.

This week, students will have a scavenger hunt about diabetes facts throughout the high school, and there will be an open-gym sponsored by student council in which students can participate for $2 to help raise money.

During lunch this week, Teens Against Tobacco Use will encourage students to give up their ice cream cone at lunchtime and donate that money to diabetes research, said senior Kristen Haider.

In addition, the National Honor Society will sponsor a hat day, in which students can wear a hat in school as long as they purchase a sticker that is placed on the hat.

The week will end with a diabetes walk Friday.

The student council will be making signs for students to carry and be posted along the bike trail so those driving by will see why the students are out walking, said senior Jasper Asplin.

High school students are encouraged to wear red the day of the walk, and half of them will walk east to Cokato, and half will walk west to Dassel, Haider said.

After the walk, there will be a presentation in the high school gym in which a couple of students and teachers will talk about diabetes, Ring said.

There will also be awards given to the top individual fundraiser, and the advisory which raised the most money, Haider said.

Advisory is like a student’s homeroom. It is held twice per week, and student use the time to study and catch up on important information.

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