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HL streets corrected with improvement project
Nov. 14, 2011

By Jennifer Kotila
Staff Writer

HOWARD LAKE, MN – Although some of the streets in Howard Lake were lowered during the street improvement project this summer, the changes were necessary in order to improve the streets to engineering standards, according to city engineer Barry Glienke of Bolton & Menk.

While not all the streets in the improvement project were lowered, on average, the center line was lowered by 0.15 feet, Glienke said. On some of the streets, the center line was actually raised.

The streets were lowered to improve drainage both longitudinally and latitudinally on the streets, which required some driveways to be replaced farther back than others within the project.

Although some driveways within the project are steeper than they were previously, accepted engineering standards regarding maximum slopes were used when the streets were designed, according to Glienke.

The improved streets were designed with uniform 2 percent cross-slopes to drain the road surface, while also not impeding drainage to the curb off of adjacent properties.

A final lift of bituminous will be placed on the streets in 2012, raising the center line of the street by 1.5 inches, Glienke said.

Residents who attended the open house for the street improvement project March 10 were informed about the lowering of the streets, how much they would be lowered, and shown how it would affect the slope of their lawn or driveway.

Glienke and other engineers were available to talk to residents and review exactly what was planned for the streets abutting their properties, Glienke said.

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