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Delano artist receives $3,000 grant
May 23, 2011

By Starrla Cray
Staff Writer

DELANO, MN – Artist Dodie Logue has painted in the snow and rain, on windy autumn days and sultry summer nights.

“For me, there’s nothing like seeing it in real life,” she said. “It’s a much fuller experience.”

Now, Logue has an extra $3,000 to further her artistic expression, thanks to a McKnight Individual Artist Award from the Central Minnesota Arts Board.

Logue plans to use the money for publicity, presentation, and supplies.

“It’ll go quick,” she said.

When she applied for the grant, Logue submitted a portfolio of shadowy tree drawings in charcoal, her latest medium of choice.

Logue enjoys immersing herself in a variety of creative outlets, and has an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree focusing on theatre and literature, and a master’s degree in sculpture.

She’s also painted as long as she can remember.

About six years ago, Logue began concentrating almost exclusively on oils.

She prefers to paint from life, often setting up her canvas on her 60-acre home south of Delano.

Before settling on a location, Logue hikes with a sketchpad, camera, and binoculars. Doing this preliminary work helps make the painting process much smoother, she explained.

Many times, Logue also creates 6-by-8-inch “quick studies” to help her figure out a larger painting.

“I pick a spot that speaks to me,” she said. Logue travels to the location at various times of day, to determine the lighting she wants to capture.

Some of her paintings are done at night, using a flashlight to illuminate the canvas.

She also admits to painting in the snow and rain.

“Painting in the rain doesn’t work very well, though,” she laughed.

Logue doesn’t mind when tiny specks of prairie grass hit her canvas, and feels that the unpredictability of the outdoors simply adds to the natural appeal of the painting.

The past few years, Logue has traveled to the Southwest during the winter, in order to experience a new setting for her artwork.

“It really stretches you,” she said. “It’s an entirely different palette.”

Her favorite subjects to paint and draw are all found in the natural world – birds, landscapes, and animals.

When she’s not drawing or painting, Logue also teaches horse riding lessons.

Logue and her husband, Bob Hautman, live on a picturesque 60-acre wildlife preserve south of Delano.

“It’s very conducive to creating art,” Logue said.

Hautman is also an acclaimed artist, and has won both the Minnesota Duck Stamp Contest and the Federal Duck Stamp Contest.

Hautman and his brothers, Jim and Joe, have had their work featured on more than 40 state and federal conservation stamps.

Hautman and Logue each have studios that overlook their breathtaking landscape.

Logue’s studio, a renovated granary, is ideal for painting and drawing when the weather isn’t suitable for outdoor work.

The lower level is where Logue does her “messy” work, and the lofted area is setup for drawing, writing, and researching.

Last July, Logue had an “out-of-the-blue” urge to try charcoal drawing. Since then, she’s devoted countless hours to perfecting her skill.

“One piece leads to another, as you learn new techniques,” she said. “I wanted to master it.”

Logue sells her work through the Lake Pepin Art Center in Wisconsin, art fairs, and shows at her home. To learn more, check out the link to her blog on the Delano Herald Journal website, www.delanoheraldjournal.com

The grant Logue won is designed to recognize, reward, and encourage outstanding artists in Wright, Benton, Stearns, and Sherburne counties who have demonstrated prominent artistic achievement.

This year’s other winners included:

• Tyler Tholl, a musician/composer from St. Joseph;

• Geofferey Welles, a visual graphic artist from Howard Lake;

• Jerry Hansen, a literary artist/poet from St. Cloud;

• Susan Davies, a visual artist/painter from Buffalo; and

• Charles Nordwood, a photographer from St. Cloud.

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