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Franklin Township recognizes Bill McMullen
March 21, 2011

By Ryan Gueningsman
Managing Editor

FRANKLIN TOWNSHIP, MN – Franklin Township’s supervisors and staff recognized outgoing board supervisor and former chairperson Bill McMullen for his years of service to the township.

At the end of the annual meeting March 8, a plaque was presented to McMullen “in recognition of your dedicated service to the residents of Franklin Township March 2003-March 2011.”

After McMullen was presented the plaque, he pointed to recently-elected supervisor DeWayne Bauman, who will assume McMullen’s seat on the board, and, with a smile, told those in the audience to “call him from now on.”

Moderator Huns Vanderlinde said “Bill did a fabulous job. He’s a good numbers guy. I think he did an excellent job.”

Earlier in the meeting, Vanderlinde also recognized June Sutton for her years of dedication to Franklin Township.

Tax levy remains same as approved in 2010

McMullen presented information on the proposed township levy for 2011, payable in 2012, that was introduced at $931,000.

He reviewed what had been spent last year and what was proposed for this year, adding that last year, the board overspent the levy. The main reason for this was the spring snow melt and having to rebuild/elevate Eastwood Avenue around the Crow River from the halfway bridge south to Degan Avenue. The township also had to build up 90th Street.

With that extra granite, the board was able to re-bid and get a lower price for both the granite and the hauling, and made a decision to do additional roads because the bids came back so favorable.

Other issues discussed include dust control coming in less than anticipated, the township changing from red rock to granite, work needing to take place on Farmington Avenue, and granite and fuel prices.

Township resident Geri Hagelin proposed keeping the levy at what was set last year, and to take the additional $229,600 being proposed to be added to the levy from reserve funds instead. The thought was to use the reserves now on infrastructure to maintain and improve the roads.

Hagelin proposed a levy of $701,750, which was approved, holding the budget as is, and using reserves to make up the difference in what was proposed.

It was noted after the dollars are pulled from reserves, the reserve balance would still be well above the equivalent of one year’s operating expenses.

Odds and ends

In other business, the township:

• heard fire assessments per dwelling for the township for 2011 are $125 from Montrose Fire Department, $156 for Watertown Fire Department, and $132 from Delano Fire Department.

The numbers are based on each fire department’s yearly budget and formula calculations, it was noted.

• heard the Delano Herald Journal was appointed as the township’s official newspaper for legal publications for 2011.

• heard Wright Recycling was awarded the 2010 and 2011 recycling contract, effective April 1, 2010 through March 31, 2012. Pick-ups will be every other Wednesday.

• approved a donation of $25 to the National Association of Towns and Townships for a conference in Washington, DC. Minnesota is the host state.

• approved a donation of $2,000 to Delano Community Education’s summer programs.

• approved a donation of $6,448, which is up $200 from last year, to the Delano Senior Center. The donation request amount is based on the percentage of the center utilized by township residents.

Last year, 340 people in Franklin Township utilized the senior center. Gail Sinkel, the director of the senior center, said the township has supported the senior center for the last 27 years and she is very grateful for the support.

• appointed the official bank depository of the township as State Bank of Delano.

• authorized the official polling place for posting notices will be the Franklin Township Hall.

• set the 2012 annual meeting for Tuesday, March 13 at 8:15 p.m., following the annual election.

• noted Vanderlinde forfeited his moderator salary for the evening.

• discussed dust control, tree trimming, and salaries, with McMullen noting two years ago, there were no staff wage increases given, and last year, a 1.5 percent increase was given.

• encouraged participation in township government, and noted monthly meetings are the first Monday of each month at 7 p.m. at the township hall.

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