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Dassel author publishes second children’s book
DEC. 6, 2011

Book signing Saturday, Dec. 17 at Little Red Hen

By Kristen Miller
News Editor

DASSEL, MN – Those who remember “Weezer the Sneezer Finds a Home,” will be delighted to hear that local author Ronda Sarner Anderson has come along two years later with a second children’s book, “Giraffes Don’t Take Baths.”

“I pay attention to any random thoughts that come through my head,” said Sarner, a marketing manager for American Time & Signal in Dassel.

Those thoughts began for her second book while walking in the French Market in New Orleans in 2009. “Alligators don’t like tators” popped into her head. So, she wrote it down, which she has learned to do as part of the writing process.

Then, she was mowing her lawn south of Dassel when “cats don’t wear hats” came to mind.

It was when she thought of “snakes don’t bake cakes” that she knew she had a theme going for her next book.

Sarner describes “Giraffes Don’t Take Baths” as a “fun-filled look into the world of stubborn animals and the things they refuse to do throughout the day.”

The 56-page self-published book is complete with illustrations, simple vocabulary and clever rhymes meant to “encourage dressing, eating, bathing, sleeping, and more” with the response to each statement being “but I do.”

She even ties in her job at the clock company by including a clock in each illustration indicating the time of day that each of the activities take place.

The book is written for toddler age to preschool, but Sarner said it’s one that can be enjoyed at any age.

During a book reading at Barnes & Noble, Sarner was reading to a group of 8- and 9-year-olds who were loving the book, and particularly enjoyed telling the time on the clocks.

The book is available for $12 through Anderson, The Little Red Hen, and online at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It is also available for eReaders.

Anderson has been pleased with the success of her first book, “Weezer the Sneezer Finds A Home,” with numerous copies sold all over the country and the great reviews.

“Weezer the Sneezer Finds A Home” is available at the same locations. Comments on Amazon about the book have been positive, as well.

Mother and teacher, Janet Thorson of Los Angeles, CA gave the book an “A” and wrote, “As a mom, I find Weezer`s story heartwarming. It is a good book for snuggling up and enjoying with your child. The flowing story line and cute illustrations make this a book that will be read over and over again.

“Also, having worked in early elementary school grades for several years, I believe Weezer would be a delightful book to read aloud in the classroom. The flow of the language and rhythm of the text make Weezer’s tale captivating fun for children’s ears. I wish it would have been published years ago!”

Writing children’s books is something that just found her, Anderson said. She didn’t go looking for it.

Anderson doesn’t have kids of her own, however, she finds writing children’s books a nice change from the writing she does at work.

“It’s a departure of what from I do all day on the website or catalog – the writing I do,” Anderson said, whose job requires a lot of technical writing and promotional sales copy.

She also gets input from parents, teachers, and her nieces and nephews before publishing.

For more information about Anderson’s books, visit www.WeezerTheSneezer.com.

Children’s book signing Dec. 17

Ronda Sarner Anderson will sign both books, “Weezer the Sneezer Finds a Home” and her most recent “Giraffes Don’t Take Baths” at the Little Red Hen Home Comforts on Atlantic Avenue in Dassel Saturday, Dec. 17 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This is the third annual book signing for Anderson at The Little Red Hen.

“[Owner Brenda Rydberg] has been very very gracious to have me back every year,” Anderson said.

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